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Pierre Le Pew is a character on Loonatics Unleashed. He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


He is human like Mr. Leghorn, but based on Pepé Le Pew. He fashions skunk-striped hair, a French accent, and strong cologne, which he claimed was called Eau du Poisson. He runs illegal fights held on the floating arena called Max Arena, where competitors fight to challenge the champion in a fight to the death. During "I Am Slamacus", he convinced Slam Tasmanian to fight in his arena as a wrestler. He wields a walking stick with many functions, including the power to teleport himself and others and full control over the Max Arena, especially its main ring. Pierre is disarmed of his cane and apprehended at the end of the episode.


Like Pepé Le Pew, he is very flirtatious towards pretty women, but unlike Pepe, he does not actively pursue them. He is also highly manipulative, easily convincing Slam to join his fighting arena with promises of fame and fortune, while conveniently failing to mention the final death match. He also seems to take sadistic glee in watching his fighters fight to the death, commanding Slam to finish off his opponent so he can fight his team mates to the death.

Character Design

Pierre has very long, skunk-colored hair a little past his waist that is held in a ponytail with a golden ring-like hair bead, a long nose and a strong cologne, which he calls "eau du poisson." He wears a black suit with a white lining and a white stripe on the left side over a red dress shirt with a black collar with a golden button and white shoes. He also wields a walking stick.


  • His cologne translates as "fish water"


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