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Pinky Pig is Porky Pig's naughty, mischievous nephew. Whenever he isn't pulling not-so-harmless pranks on his Uncle Porky, little Pinky is always causing and getting into trouble.

Pinky first appeared in "Porky's Naughty Nephew" where he accompanied his Uncle Porky to the lake beach, he wasted no time pulling all sorts of pranks at Porky’s expense until one of his pranks finally backfired on him at the end.

Pinky's other appearance was in "Porky's Picnic" where he accompanied Porky and Petunia Pig to the park for a picnic. In this version, Pinky was much younger though every bit as mischievous and even tried to decapitate a squirrel. At the end of the short where Pinky made a second attempt, the squirrel was prepared this time and gave several spanks with a wooden paddle, fittingly in the same way Pinky had done to Porky during his nap earlier. In the end, Pinky was finally punished for his naughty behavior. Unlike Pinky’s first appearance, this short makes no reference to Pinky being Porky's nephew.