Pitu Le Pew
Background information
Species: Striped Skunk
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: Platinum Wheel of Fortune (September 16, 1995)
Created by:
Portrayed by: Jeff Bennett

Pitu Le Pew is a skunk character from The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.

About Pitu

He is the fourth cousin of Pepé Le Pew who hails from Monte Carlo, where he is the pet, good luck charm and advisor of the sheikh. He shares much in common with his cousin, including his amorous streak and obsessive penchant for pursuing love interests, with the main difference between them being Pitu's more muscular physique, longer hair that covers his eyes and the fact that he pursues his quarry in his own small car that hops around.


  • According to Pitu, everyone in the Le Pew family has the same amorous streak.

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