Plumber's Quack
Directed By: Ryan Kramer
Produced By: Rebecca Palatnik
Peter Browngardt (Executive)
Alex Kirwan (Supervising)
Released: May 27, 2020
Series: Looney Tunes Cartoons
Story: Mike Pelensky
Ryan Kramer
Johnny Ryan
Jacob Fleisher
Animation: Hal Newman
Brianne VanTuyle
Layouts: Jianne Genito
Heinz Laban
Edwin Mar Tanada
Backgrounds: Ahmed Gamal
Pete Oswald
Maryam Sefati
Clarke Snyder
Film Editor: Tommy Meehan
Nick Simotas
Voiced By: Eric Bauza
Jeff Bergman
Music: Joshua Moshier
Starring: Daffy Duck
Elmer Fudd
Preceded By: TNT Trouble
Succeeded By: Elf Help

Plumber's Quack is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


In his comfortable Looneyville house, Elmer Fudd has just gotten himself a glass of water from the kitchen sink when he notices drops of water are dripping from the faucet, so he turns off the sink to secure the local water supply from complete depletion due to the town being in a drought. He soon realizes that he has a serious leak, deciding to call a plumber in the form of Daffy Duck, who claims to be qualified despite wearing a hat with a hammer embroidered on it. Daffy identifies the type of leak as tap water before being questioned by Fudd about his professional qualifications. He then proceeds to use his own body to block the leak from the faucet, pipe, soap bottle, cupboard, and Elmer's ears, but unfortunately, he fills himself up with so much water that he has no choice but to eject it through his own bill, prompting Fudd to question his work experience, Daffy turns to Plan B, in which he plays a wrench like a pungi to charm a camera snake into doing his bidding and survey Elmer's pipes.

However, the snake goes up Fudd's trousers and instead permits Daffy to survey his body, which he mistakes for the sink pipe and negatively comments on in terms of the body hair and Elmer's facial features. He then takes out a joystick to survey further inside the "pipes" and claims that there is a really small brain inside, which is actually Elmer's low intelligence. A now peeved Fudd once again questions Daffy's procedure, before a pipe is immediately thrown at his head. Daffy takes out the pipes and everything in Elmer's house that is powered by them, including a washing machine, a bathtub, an angel water fountain, and a toilet, but not before letting loose his plumber's crack. Still, the leak has not been solved, so a furious Daffy decides to shut it off at the source, remembering that it is out back. When he gets there, he ties a large knot in the pipe, causing the dam to reach its breaking point. Arriving back at Elmer's, he is told that the leak still isn't fixed and suggests turning the knobs.

Finally seeing that the sink is no match for Daffy, Fudd angrily strangles the duck to reprimand him on his lousy effort, unaware that the dam has broke, allowing his house to be engulfed in the chaos. Arising from the flood, Elmer tearfully grieves over the remains of his home before Daffy tells him that the leak has been solved and zanily bounces off, much to the former's misery.





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