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Pool Bunny is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Bugs Bunny visits the Snake Bite Desert. To cool off, he finds a beach house with a pool, and hopes that the homeowner would be glad to share the pool. Unfortunately, the homeowner is actually Elmer Fudd, who has no tolerance for sharing his pool with the local wildlife, fishing flies out with the pool net to explain what he just said. Bugs, now in his scuba gear, joyously disrupts Elmer's first dip of the day by jumping in and doing the backstroke, much to the owner's chagrin. Elmer fishes Bugs out of the pool and uses the pool net as a catapult, sending the rabbit flying into a cactus that pricks his bottom and propels him into a water tower, then he lands face first on the tarmac below, with Elmer sadistically grinning at the sight of it. Bugs declares war on Elmer and heads to the Department of Water and Power.

Elmer then dives into the pool, just as Bugs figures out the water grid, spies the lever connected to Elmer's beach house, and turns off the water after eating a carrot, resulting in Elmer gaining a head concussion which is rated 4.3 on the Richter Scale. Bugs then uses two more valves to launch Elmer and the water into the beach house, flooding it. A now furious Fudd cements the pool and fills it up with hose water. However, unbeknownst to Elmer, Bugs has already entered the pool, sitting on a rubber ring and drinking a lemonade cocktail, forcing Elmer to call on the pool pitchfork to force him out. To save himself, Bugs comments on the out-of-date style of his 80s flower flip flops. Elmer calmly decides to take them off, but accidentally burns his own feet on the scorching cement, to which Bugs "helpfully" squirts sunscreen into his eyes to blind him, allowing him to escort Fudd to the diving board with Elmer hurting himself with the following inanimate objects Bugs sets up for him along the way:

  • A rake
  • Jacks
  • Mousetraps
  • ACME Sharp Thumbtacks
  • Lemon Juice
  • Rattlesnakes

Bugs is unceremoniously ejected from the pool when Elmer bursts his rubber ring. Elmer goes to dive in again when a newly hired lifeguard tells him to get back onto the board; he claims it is the pool rules to have a buddy, and thus hurls Fudd off so he can find himself a buddy. Elmer eventually finds a buddy, an explosive dummy named "Buddy", and the lifeguard lets them both into the pool. As they enter, Elmer discovers Buddy is a fake, before the latter's explosion reduces him to ash. Fudd regenerates himself and realizes that the lifeguard is actually Bugs, after the cap falls off to reveal his ears, so he proceeds to grab an axe to chop down the lifeguard's chair, ignoring the rabbit's plea for help. He uses the pool net to fish out Bugs' body. Bugs weakly asks him to hand over his mobile phone so he can call his wife goodbye, however, Bugs actually intends to invite his wife and +1000000 bunnies into Elmer's pool as revenge.

Elmer loses his sanity, grabs the kiddie pool, hops in, and uses a spoon to douse himself with water.