"Pork in the Road" is the first segment of the 33rd episode of New Looney Tunes.


Porky Pig is a Guber (an obvious spoof on Lyft or Uber) driver who is tasked with getting Bugs Bunny to the other side of the forest so he can get to his party on time. Nothing goes well during the trip. Failed attempts include a car, a hot air balloon, a moped, a boat, and a dogsled.

At first, Bugs takes a nap in the car and wakes up in the desert. Porky comments that he stopped paying attention and that he got lost. Soon after, the car explodes. Porky suddenly comes with a hot air balloon, but it is moving too slow. Bugs tries to make it go faster and it deflates. Porky then comes with a moped, but Bugs turns the wheel as a passenger and the moped enters a service road. The service road abruptly ends on a hill, and the moped falls down the hill, breaking the connection between Bugs’ seat and Porky’s seat and destroying the moped in the process. Porky then comes with a boat, but Bugs stands up and causes the boat to sink. It starts to snow and Porky has a sled with dogs, but forgot to tie the sled to the dogs, so the dogs run off without Bugs. Fed up with the failures, Bugs finally lashes out at Porky because Bugs thinks he will miss the party, despite him being the cause of four of the five failed attempts due to his impatience and temper in front of Porky. When Bugs leaves Porky and finds the barn where the party is located, Foghorn Leghorn tells Bugs that the party isn’t until next week. Porky is then shown with a Hummer-type limo and Bugs kindly asks if Porky can take him back. Bugs expects a yes, but not before Porky refuses and yells at him. Leaving Bugs in the snow and before closing out the cartoon, Porky murmurs that Bugs can get someone else to take him home.


  • Foghorn Leghorn makes a cameo appearance in this episode, though his head is not shown.
  • The title is an obvious spoof on “Fork in the Road”.

Video Clips

Bugs! Pork in the Road

Bugs! Pork in the Road

Bugs! Coming On Party

Bugs! Coming On Party

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