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Porky Pig's Feat is a 1943 Looney Tunes short directed by Frank Tashlin.


Porky Pig awaits Daffy Duck to hopefully win a bet large enough in a dice game to pay for their bill for Broken Arms Hotel, which they are charged for every luxury, including air and sunshine. However, Daffy rolls snake eyes and ends up losing the game. "Uh oh, snake eyes. Too bad, you is a dead duck, duck!" Without the money to pay the bill, Daffy resorts to stalling the manager in attempt to get out of the hotel for free.

Daffy and Porky's attempts to escape the hotel ends up in catastrophe. Daffy bursts into the room door and into the manager's face and states if he is challenging his integrity. The manager is furious and slaps Daffy with a card. However, Daffy attacks back and slams the manager with a glove with a horseshoe in it. They head to the elevator only for the manager to wind up in the same one as Daffy and Porky and force the duo back into the room. The manager attempts the plow through the door with a metal rod, but Daffy pulls the rug below and the manager falls down a large set of stairs. Quick to recover, the manager tricks Daffy and Porky by pretending he is falling down the stairs.

The manager extends the cost of the bill for the damages done to the hotel and to the injuries of the manager. After a chase, the two enters a room with multiple doors blocking the entrance for the manager. Porky and Daffy uses a rope of towels to exit out the window, but the manager fires a match from the sewage drain to burn Porky and Daffy back into the bathtub. Afterwards, the two makes their final getaway with the rope again and swings it to another building, however the manager finds them one last time, and bars up the windows and doors so Daffy and Porky cannot escape anymore.

Many months later, Daffy and Porky, chained up to the leg by a ball and shackles and imprisoned in their hotel room, are beginning to lose their sanity from the snowstorm. They attempt to call for help from Bugs Bunny, knowing that Bugs could outwit anyone he encounters. However, Bugs is revealed to attempt the same schemes Daffy did and also end up captured by the manager. Bugs replies, "Nah, don't work, do they?"





  • This is the first Warner Bros cartoon that Frank Tashlin directed since his departure in 1938. He would continue working for Warner Bros. until his departure in 1944, and his unit was eventually taken over by Robert McKimson.
  • This is the first appearance in Looney Tunes of Raymond Scott's song "Powerhouse", the iconic "assembly line" musical theme used in many Warner Bros. shorts and in bumpers and station ID spots when Cartoon Network started out as a classic cartoon channel (known informally as "The Powerhouse Era").
    • The song's first use in a WB cartoon was in the Private Snafu short "Gripes", released two weeks earlier.
  • When Daffy and Porky are imprisoned, Porky writes "Porky loves Petunia 💘", making this the last time Petunia Pig is mentioned in a golden age Warner Brothers cartoon.
  • This cartoon shows what would become an out-of-character moment for Daffy, as he states, 'Bugs Bunny, my hero!' Later, Daffy would become a rival of Bugs. The "Leon Schlesinger cartoon" Daffy describes here, in which Bugs grabs a hunter's gun and shoots the hunter down, does not conform to any known Bugs Bunny cartoon.
  • This is the first Daffy Duck short to be directed by Frank Tashlin.
  • There is a short cameo appearance by Bugs Bunny, the series' only black and white performance for the character.
    • This is also the first time Bugs appears in a Frank Tashlin directed cartoon, although it wouldn't be in a starring role in any cartoons directed by Tashlin until two years later with Tashlin's "The Unruly Hare".
  • This cartoon is the final black and white appearance of Porky Pig, other than the That's All Folks at the end of "Scrap Happy Daffy" and "Puss n' Booty".
  • The cartoon was colorized in 1967 and 1990. The 1990 colorization replaces the 1939-46 ending with the 1937-39 Porky drum ending for unknown reasons.
    • When the 1990 colorization was aired on Cartoon Network, the opening and ending titles were missing, due to using the The Merrie Melodies Show copy of the 1990 colorization which cuts out the opening and ending titles. Such was not the case when it aired on Nickelodeon, as Nickelodeon aired it with its original opening and closing titles intact.
    • On both Daffy Duck: Tales from the Duckside VHS and Ham on Wry: The Porky Pig Laser Collection LaserDisc, the 1990 colorization was presented with both its original opening and closing titles intact. This cartoon is the only black-and-white cartoon presented as a colorized version on LaserDisc.
    • The redrawn colorized version used the incorrect 1937-1938 font lettering instead of the correct 1942-1944 font lettering.
  • This is technically Bugs Bunny’s first proper appearance in the Looney Tunes series. It wouldn’t be until Buckaroo Bugs however that he would get a starring role in a Looney Tunes short.



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