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Psycho Kitty is a Webtoons cartoon.


Sylvester tells animal psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Fraud that he knows that he will never be able to catch Tweety, but he cannot stop himself from trying. The doctor tries to hypnotize Sylvester, but the cat says he is still awake, so Fraud knocks him on the head with a mallet. He hypnotizes him into getting rid of his urge to chase Tweety. During the hypnosis, the doctor's phone rings and he picks it up. Fraud mentions that his patient is "afraid of Tweety birds." Sylvester picks this up and is hypnotized into being afraid of the birds. Fraud snaps his fingers to end the hypnosis. Sylvester walks home, but is stopped by a taxi. The driver, with the head of Tweety, pops out and tells Sylvester off. At the park, Sylvester buys a hot dog from a man who too has the head of Tweety. Sylvester looks down at his hot dog and sees Tweety lying down in it. Sylvester becomes frightened and runs to a wall. A giant Tweety corners him. Sylvester runs next to a man who turns into the Tweety monster from Hyde and Go Tweet. Sylvester sees many Tweetys surround him. The scene returns to Fraud's office. He snaps his fingers and Sylvester awakens. He sees the doctor as Tweety and starts chasing after him. The cartoon ends with Tweety saying "the poor puddy tat went cuckoo! Cuckoo!"



Looney Tunes Webtoons - Psycho Kitty

Looney Tunes Webtoons - Psycho Kitty

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