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Puss n' Booty is a 1943 Looney Tunes short directed by Frank Tashlin.


The title is a pun on the story "Puss in Boots", though this cartoon has nothing to do with it.


A petowner comes home to find that her pet canary Dicky is gone. As she searches around, her cat Rudolph burps the feathers of Dicky, but also stages that Dicky flew out the window. Stating that's the fifth canary that flew out on her, she calls the pet shop to get her a new bird. As the delivery truck arrives, Rudolph waits outside in hopes to get another meal. He peeps inside of the cage, revealing a small bird who shivers on sight of the cat, fearing impending doom from being eaten.

The petowner names the bird Petey, and gives him and Rudolph their food. However, Rudolph is disgusted of drinking milk and attempts to eat Petey. As Rudolph leaps for the bird, Petey lifts his cage quickly, directing Rudolph into a wall. Rudolph attaches strings to the cage and attempts the same jump again, but Petey opens both doors of the cage and flies out of the way, leading Rudolph outside of the window and slamming into a fountain.

That night, Rudolph sneakily tries to nab his dinner while Petey is sleeping, but Petey smashes Rudolph's hand with a mallet and drops another one on his head. Rudolph then drops from above of the cage, ricocheting up and down repeatedly until he is flung to the door. Petey quickly escapes from the cat's mouth and flies back into his cage, which has Rudolph waiting to eat him. After a large fight that wakes up the petowner, the petowner finds out that Rudolph is now missing. Petey doesn't know where Rudolph is, until he hiccups out Rudolph's bowtie, but he hides it and sleeps.