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Putty Tat Trouble is a 1951 Looney Tunes short directed by Friz Freleng.


Tweety is cleaning out his nest, saying, "This is what I get for dreaming of a White Christmas!" Both Sylvester and another red cat notice him. They both try to catch him, only to run into each other. The red cat bashes Sylvester over the head and takes Tweety, but Sylvester retaliates.

The rest of the cartoon involves Sylvester and his fellow feline constantly trying to one-up each other and get Tweety, who seems to merely be enjoying himself (i.e. imitating a fake canary, asking to go for a ride on the red cat). Sylvester and the red cat see Tweety's hat on a thin ice rink, and go after it. Tweety is cutting a circle around them; he asks for his hat, which Sylvester desperately obliges in a bid for mercy, and finishes the circle, causing the cats to fall into the frigid water.

Tweety resumes shoveling snow out of his nest. Sylvester and the red cat are in their homes with their feet in warm water, constantly sneezing. Tweety says "Gesundheit!" to each, and continues his work.




  • The FOX version of this short cut out the fighting with the rifle and ashtray to Sylvester and the other cat.
  • The CBS version also cut out the fighting with the rifle and ashtray, along with the scene of Sylvester firing a rifle through the pipe, and the bullet passing through the orange cat's body.


  • The opening title sequence of this short are identical to that of "Canary Row".
  • This cartoon marked the debut of Sam Cat, although he wouldn't receive his well-known design, voice and characterization until "Trick or Tweet" eight years later. This early "prototype" version of Sam Cat would reappear in "Tweet and Sour", "The Honey-Mousers", and "Cheese It, the Cat!"
  • Sylvester does not speak in this short; the other Tweety shorts where Sylvester is mute are "Tweetie Pie", "Bad Ol' Putty Tat" and "Tree Cornered Tweety".
  • The box that says "Friz Americas Favorite Gelatin Deserts" is a reference to Friz Freleng. In addition, Tweety later runs by a portrait of Friz.
  • Unlike most shorts reissued during the 1959-64 season, the original closing was kept. This is the only Looney Tune reissued in the 1959-64 season to keep the original closing titles.
    • Another 1951 cartoon, "French Rarebit", which was also reissued in the 1959-1964 season, also kept the original ending card. However, that cartoon is from the Merrie Melodies series.


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