Ralph T. Guard
Background information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Debut appearance:
Created by:
Portrayed by: Frank Welker

Ralph T. Guard (voiced by Frank Welker) is one of the main characters on the cartoon show Animaniacs.


Ralph is a stereotype of security guards (as well as the goon stereotype made famous in earlier Warner Bros. animated shorts), being big, fat and dimwitted. He is badly shaven and seems to be poverty stricken. In Animaniacs, he is shown to live in a trailer park with his wife and son.


Ralph is very incompetent at his job, ending most of his sentences with the word "Umm....DUH". He is seen eating donuts and sucking on lollipops or sleeping instead of catching Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Ralph has a very childlike state of mind and is very gullible to Yakko, Wakko, or Dot's tricks which is the reason why he can't trap the trio in the water tower.

Other appearances

Ralph has also made other appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures, where he is a security guard that Plucky Duck has problems getting past. In this case he is shown to have more competence than in Animaniacs.

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