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Really Scent is a 1959 Merrie Melodies short directed by Abe Levitow.


Pepé Le Pew is visiting New Orleans in the hopes of finding a girl. At the same time, Fabrette has been cursed with white stripes looking like a skunk, which ruins her chance of ever getting a boyfriend, unlike her sister Janette. A skunk would be the perfect match, if she didn't mind the smell. Fabrette is interested in Pepé, but only his smell gets in the way. Pepé, trying to win her love, attempts to make himself dainty after realizing how much his smell is getting his way. Unfortunately, Penelope tries something similar to deal with the problem as well.




  • This is the first short to be directed by Abe Levitow by himself and the first Merrie Melodies short to be directed by Levitow.
  • In this cartoon Penelope is called "Fabrette" and was born with a white stripe, which is apparently inherited genetically from her father, instead of it being painted on her back.
  • Penelope is voiced by June Foray, making her the second character for Pepé to fall to have a real female voice; the first being Bea Benaderet, who voiced the Mexican hairless dog from "Scent-imental over You".
  • This is the third cartoon to have Pepé in a new location; this time he's in New Orleans.
  • This is the third Pepé Le Pew cartoon to have Pepé being chased instead of him chasing Penelope. It's also the first where Pepé doesn't need to chase her as she's attracted to him from the start.
  • This is the third Pepé Le Pew short not directed by Chuck Jones, the first one being "Odor of the Day", which was directed by Arthur Davis.
  • Unlike other cartoons, Pepé' himself seems to be aware that his bad skunk odor is what drives away his potential love interests.


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