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Rhino Ya Don't is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


In the rhinoceros' cage at the New Looney City Zoo, Tweety is busy vacuuming his host and singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad", while sparing time to detonate flies using a handcrafted slingshot. He then explains his symbiotic relationship with the rhino and hugs his horn. Meanwhile, Sylvester is touring the zoo, albeit only to bully the animals, disturbing the sloth's peace, insulting the monkeys' intelligence, and physically abusing the gorilla. He suddenly spies Tweety and begins his lunch plans. In his first attempt, Sylvester sneaks into the rhino cage unnoticed, whereupon Tweety discovers him hiding in the bushes, "I tawt I taw a puddytat... I did, I did tee a puddyt-" and is captured in his paw. Just as Sylvester seasons him with salt and is about to eat him, the rhino shuts him up and tosses him away into the gorilla cage with his horn, where Sylvester is beaten black and blue, but not before unsuccessfully trying to make amends with him.

Sylvester climbs up a giraffe's neck and uses the horns as a crane control panel to avoid the rhino's wrath. However, the giraffe gets jammed as soon as he reaches Tweety, leaving Sylvester no choice but to climb downward to reach and grab the bird himself. Tweety comments on his perseverance. Sylvester uses the giraffe's tongue as a bungee cord and successfully grabs Tweety, before the tongue unfortunately reaches to his neck, endangering his breathing. The rhino notices this and forces Sylvester to hand over Tweety before punching him over to the elephant cage, specifically the elephant's butt, and the cat is immediately squished when the pachyderm takes a seat.

Furious over Tweety's mockery, he disguises himself as an employee after spying the zookeeper's clothing. The disguise works at first as he sweeps towards Tweety, who is balancing on the rhino's horn, but it proves to be short-lived as a zookeeper mistakes him for one of his own and, not even caring for Sylvester's safety, throws him into the following cages in which he gets seriously mauled:

  • Giant Scorpion (stung)
  • Python (constricted)
  • Electric Jellyfish (electrocuted)

After these brutal displays of nature, Sylvester comes to one grimly honest conclusion: Cats are not meant for the zoo. Nevertheless, in his fourth and final attempt, whilst Tweety is brushing the rhino's horn with hornpaste to the tune of "Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush", he purchases an ACME Hologram 3000 to create a decoy to fool the rhino.

He plants the decoy into the rhino cage, where it mercilessly taunts the rhino to attack him. Tweety's host proceeds to do so, falling into Sylvester's trap by lodging his horn into a dead tree, whereupon the real Sylvester pops out from behind the tree, belittles the rhino for his newly damaged horn, turns off the hologram, and prepares to eat Tweety once and for all. However, the animals know of his attempt to shame the rhino and in return, chase him out of the cage as revenge, with Sylvester bumping into a rock, a tree branch, and a pool rock before climbing over the cage wall. Tweety then reveals that the animals were just holograms he used to avenge his host's misfortune.

Sylvester, thinking he is safe from the animal kingdom who cast him out, spies a baby seal in fear before sighing in relief and insulting its cuteness, after which the pup repeatedly hits him on the head with a baseball bat.