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The Royal Tweetums is a character from Loonatics Unleashed.


The Royal Tweetums is a royal descendant of Tweety and possibly Aooga. Like his ancestor, he takes great pleasure in tormenting Sylth Vester and is responsible for multiple injuries inflicted upon the cat. He is highly fond of Danger Duck, and is not fully aware that the hero truly dislikes him at first. His home planet Blanc (a reference to Mel Blanc), was later invaded by Rubes Oberon, Optimatus, and Deuce, and he mysteriously disappears during the attack. His personality is nearly a carbon copy of the original Tweety Bird. Twice in his first appearance, he says "I'm only thwee and a half parsecs old"; a reference to Tweety's catchphrase of "I'm only thwee and a half years old". He's also a relative of Sweetie Bird. He acts like Tweety. He also talks like Tweety and says some things he would say.


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