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Russian Rhapsody is a 1944 Merrie Melodies short directed by Bob Clampett.


Adolf Hitler gives a rousing speech mostly consisting of mock German gibberish and a few random words inserted in, he then tells the crowd he will send the world's best pilot to bomb Moscow, someone asks "Who you Fuher?" and he replied "Eh who else?" As he flies a bunch of gremlins invade his plane and sing a song about themselves while trashing the plane, eventually one of them pokes Hitler in the butt with a pin attached to his head he leaps out of his chair screaming, when he lands on of the ground he comes face to face with one of the smallest ones he declares "Ack, a gremlin from the Kremlin!" and it replies "How do you do?" and bops him on the nose with a mallet somehow knocking him out, the others stick his nose into an electrical socket causing him to transform into various things during the electrocution a jackass, a skunk, and a swastika, after Hitler recovers from this he chases them with a knife until one of them puts on a Joseph Stalin mask causing him to scream like a little girl, they then knock him out and saw the platform around him causing him to fall out of the plane, they chase him with the plane as he falls and shred the seat of his pants, he hides under a tree for cover and they drop the plane on top of him causing a massive explosion the tail of the plane marking his tombstone, they then sing about their victory. When a disheveled Hitler suddenly pops up out of the ground doing a Lew Lehr impression saying, "Nazis is the cwaziest peoples" one of them pounds him into the ground with a mallet burying him.




  • This cartoon was originally titled "Gremlins from the Kremlin."[2]
  • The production code is unusual, as many cartoons in 1944 ended with -13, but this one ended with the number 26-12.
  • Most of the all-American gremlins are the caricatures of the crew at Termite Terrace.
  • The notable things mentioned in Hitler's opening speech include the names of Warner Brothers staff Friz Freleng and Henry Binder, the 1944 Merrie Melodie "What's Cookin' Doc?", the famous 1941 song "Chattanooga Choo Choo", and the "Irish" General Tim O'Schenko, a pun of Russian Marshal Timoshenko.
  • The gremlins would later appear in an episode of The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries titled "Moscow Side Story" where they steal a belt.
  • The gremlin song was written by Bob Clampett.
  • Lost sequence?: There appears to be too quick a change in Hitler's expression and attitude between his spooking by a Stalin mask and his being dropped out of the airplane's bomb bay door.
  • The USA and EU Turner "dubbed" prints have the 1937-1938 dubbed ending card. The USA "dubbed" print keeps the 1941-1955 MWRA ending theme, while the EU "dubbed" print replaces the 1941-1955 MWRA ending theme with the 1938-1941 MWRA ending theme.

Gremlins from the Kremlin Lyrics

We're gremlins from the Kremlin
Da da da da da
We're gremlins from the Kremlin
Da da da da da

I'm a gremlin from the Kremlin
We are Russian gremlins
Up in the sky we're found
Schicklgruber's aeroplanes
We smash right to the ground
We like nothing better than to mess up Messerschmitts
And send their heavy bombers down to earth in teeny bits

Napoleon and his army never got to first base
Now we'll push those nasty Nazis in der fuehrer's face
We're here, we're there, we're everywhere
We're in the Nazi's hair
And when they try to catch us
We're the little men... who weren't there
We're the little men who weeeeeren't theeeere.