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Sam Register is the President at Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Digital Series, and Cartoon Network Studios.


Formerly Vice President of Cartoon Network, Register was the brain behind cartoonnetwork.com, which was started in 1998. After creating cartoonnetwork.com, Register came up with the idea of Cartoon Orbit in 2000. He was the creative director of Cartoon Orbit during 2000 and 2001.

Register supervises the Blue Ribbon Content (BRC) currently, the Studio's shortform digital content production unit formed in April 2014, and he is responsible for spearheading the development and production of original live-action digital series for the company. He is charged with identifying opportunities for collaboration with new writers and producers, as well as tapping the creative talent already working at the Studio.

Register also runs the WB Studio’s television animation unit Warner Bros. Animation. He oversees creative efforts related to the development and creation of new programming, including traditional animated series and original shorts for television, and content for digital platforms. He also works closely with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on the Studio's animated original movies for the home entertainment marketplace.

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