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Sandcastle Hassle is the fifth webisode of the Toon Marooned series of Webtoons cartoons. It premiered 31 July 2001.


NOTE: Plot may contain elements of the webtoon's original internet version, including the intended order of events in the webtoon's interactive portion.

Before Daffy can tell his allies who they'll vote off this week, Yosemite Sam impatiently tells Daffy how he seems to have become quite bossy since they formed their alliance. Daffy, offended at his authority being questioned, declares to Sam that they'll see who would still be around after tonight's vote.

Bugs announces that the contestants must engage in a sandcastle-building competition, with each of them randomly paired with another: Daffy with Sam, Sylvester with Tweety, and Taz with Elmer Fudd. Sam makes a sandcastle with a cannon on it, and when Daffy questions why he did that, Sam uses it to shoot him, knocking off Daffy's bill. Sylvester's chasing of Tweety results in the creation of a grand sandcastle. Taz simply digs down, burying Elmer under a sizable pile of sand. Once Bugs views the results, he declares Taz and Elmer the winners, as Daffy has buried Sam in sand and repeatedly hit him with a shovel, and the sandcastle created by Sylvester and Tweety falls apart when Sylvester runs through it. Bugs rewards them with a twelve-course meal, which Taz quickly devours. At Toon Council, Sam is eliminated; he holds Daffy responsible and attacks him.




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  • In the original internet version, the scene with Yosemite Sam blasting Daffy in the face with the cannon on his sandcastle was an extended interactive portion in which the viewer could repeatedly click on the cannon to cause several more effects besides Daffy's bill ending up on his hand; the second time would result in his bill having holes in it and him coughing up shots, and the third time would result in his bill spinning around before falling off into the sandcastle.
    • Daffy's bill being shot out of alignment is similar to scenes in Chuck Jones' hunting trilogy.