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Scent-imental Romeo is a 1951 Merrie Melodies short directed by Chuck Jones.


A hungry Penelope Pussycat disguises herself as a skunk, so she can be fed at the zoo, but Pepé of course thinks she's the real thing, and uses his Maurice Chevalier impression, in an attempt to win her over.



  • When this cartoon was shown on ABC's The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, the part where Penelope bashes Pepe on the head with a club (though not a previous scene where she hits him with a mallet) was shortened from three times to one.[1]
  • When Cartoon Network (American; overseas Cartoon Network channels have aired this uncut) aired this short, the entire part where Pepe opens a bottle of champagne and tries to serve it to Penelope was cut. This edit is rather odd and a tad ironic, considering that Cartoon Network aired "The Cats Bah"'s beginning, which also had Pepe opening a bottle of champagne, uncut and uncensored while ABC, which left in the champagne part in this cartoon, edited the beginning of "The Cats Bah" because it showed champagne. The edited version also airs on the American feed of Boomerang while overseas Boomerang channels have aired this uncut.[1] Despite Cartoon Network's and Boomerang's American channels deleting this scene, a short clip of it appears in the Cartoon Network Groovies music video "L'Amour A Une Odeur"[1] (located at the 0:58 mark)



  • "What is the meaning of this, Monsieur? You shall leave from my second." - Pepé Le Pew



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