Señor Vulturo
Background information
Species: vulture
Gender: male
Debut appearance: "Tortilla Flaps"
Created by: Robert McKimson
Portrayed by: Mel Blanc

Señor Vulturo is a Looney Tunes character voiced by Mel Blanc that appeared in the short "Tortilla Flaps".


Señor Vulturo is a vulture that attempted to eat Speedy Gonzales and other mice. He excitedly shouted "Mouseburgers!" when he saw them beneath him. While never explicitly named, he is referred to by the frightened mice as Bandito Bird, El Vulturo Horrible, and Señor Vulturo by Speedy himself. He ended up being attacked from both ends by balls and darts in an amusement booth run by Speedy after calling a truce with the mouse.


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