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Shower Shuffle is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


In his New Looney City apartment, Porky Pig has entered his bathroom and decides to step into bathtub, preparing to take a nice relaxing shower. In a more unhygienic apartment, Daffy Duck enters his equally sloppy bathroom, and uses toilet paper to blow his bill before putting it in the toilet and attempting to flush it, scalding Porky with extremely hot water due to the fact that the pair's bathrooms are interconnected. After a few more unsuccessful tries, Daffy finally sends the used toilet paper tissue straight through Porky's shower faucet, much to the latter's disgust. Porky then scolds the faucet by telling it to shape up, but apologizes shortly after.

Porky and Daffy then proceed to have shower troubles when the latter enters his own bathtub, fighting over the length of their faucets and injuring each other while doing so. Porky considers hiring a professional plumber to solve his problem, but Daffy refuses to relent and deprives Porky of his leisure by turning the knob to increase his own supply of water, prompting him to grab a mallet to violently smash the wall between the two, leading to a brawl which destroys both bathrooms after Porky witnesses the damage. The short culminates with Daffy making peace by asking Porky if he'll scrub his back, to which he agrees.