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Siberian Sam is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


In the frozen wastelands of Siberia, Yosemite Sam is riding on sled pulled by a husky named Melania. He breaks the fourth wall by introducing himself as Siberian Sam and explaining his secret to survival in Russia by wearing a Papakha to keep warm before a hawk swipes it away. In desperate need of a new hat, Sam feasts his eyes on Melania, who feels betrayed at the thought, so Sam offers her a bone to regain her trust. Just then he hears Bugs Bunny, who is roasting a carrot on an open fire and lamenting his decision on going to Siberia to get away from the city heat his forest burrow as his pals said it was affordable at the time of year, and decides to make a papakha out of him. He disrupts Bugs' dreary excuse for a meal and forces him to be his hat, with Bugs mistaking it for wearing his own aggressor as a tacky top hat.

Thinking he did not make himself clear enough, he tries to get Bugs to understand his intentions, but the rabbit misunderstands once again, poses as a hat salesman, and provides him with a menagerie of hats:

  • A bonnet
  • A football helmet
  • A propeller beanie
  • A longleat veil hat
  • A fruit hat
  • A cheese hat
  • A beer hat

Sam retorts to this by saying that he only wears furry hats, so Bugs ties up his mustache to resemble a hat, then hands him a Dunce hat when the Russki tries to skin him of his pelt, much to Sam's distaste, leaving Bugs no choice but to set the hat on fire. Siberian Sam douses out the hat by ducking into a snow pile to which Bugs charismatically mocks. He is immediately snagged by an infuriated Sam, but avoids his hammer, which hits the tree instead, causing two icicles to pin Sam's mustache to the ground, angering him so much that he chases Bugs to the point where the mustache handlebars restrain him, allowing the rabbit to flick him right back into the tree before three lumps of snow drop on top of him, at which Bugs uses two acorns and his own carrot to make a snowman out of him. When Sam emerges from the pile, he is crushed by a giant icicle in his own rage. More determined than ever, Sam uses five Russian nesting dolls (the smallest of them having a stick of dynamite inside) as a faux gift to Bugs.

When Bugs receives the gift, he is instantly pleased and proceeds to open them all except the last one, much to the annoyance of Siberian Sam who opens them all to find the dynamite missing from the last one, so Bugs hands him the stick which blows up in a mushroom cloud which says "Eat at Vlad's" when Sam realizes his mistake, after which his body's lower torso, skeleton, muscles, skin, and mustache are separated and reunited after the explosion. Bugs begins to lust for excitement, finally discovering it in the form of a now enraged Sam who makes him Melania's target. Upon cornering him, Sam fully announces his real intentions to strip Bugs of his own pelt, prompting Bugs to show Sam how useless his skin is compared to a tiger's. Sam, after gaining a Siberian tiger hat, begins to think he is one of the most important people in Russia and accepts Bugs' advice to visit a Russian ballet in a cave.

Bugs, now disguised as a bellboy escorts him to his seat which is next to a Siberian tiger. It turns out that the hat is actually the tiger's cub and Sam is viciously mauled by the striped cat, but not before handing over the cub, after which he performs a Russian ballet of "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies" with Bugs and Melania as the heckling audience.




  • HBO Max packaged this as episode 107a, along with the interstitials "Moving Hole" and "Marvin Flag" and the short "Fleece & Desist".
  • The episode's premise is similar to that of the Bugs Bunny cartoon "The Iceman Ducketh" (1964) produced 56 years earlier, with both of Bugs' antagonists wanting to kill him for his fur during the snowy winter, only to be attacked by aggressive hibernating wild animals.