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Sidney "Sid" Sutherland (7 August 1901 in Los Angeles, California - 20 April 1968 (aged 66) in Los Angeles, California) was an animator best known for his work on various cartoons for Leon Schlesinger Productions.


Sutherland began his career in animation in 1935 at the Walter Lantz Studio at Universal Pictures where he worked with Tex Avery, Virgil Ross, and Cecil Surry. He with the aforementioned three left for Leon Schlesinger Productions where he joined Tex's unit which was located in a run-down building nicknamed Termite Terrace with Ross and Surry alongside Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, Elmer Wait, and Robert Cannon. He served as an animator for Tex and later for Bob Clampett when Tex left.

Later Career

In 1943 during a changing market caused by World War II, Sutherland left Warner Bros. and decided to take advantage of opportunities to work in the relatively new medium of television and made a career change to a more secure living as a sound supervisor and sound editor.

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