Loonatics Unleashed Episode 5 - Going Underground
Slam Tasmanian
Background information
Species: Tasmanian Devil
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: Loonatics on Ice
Created by: Adam Trevor Grant
Joseph Louis Grant
Portrayed by: Kevin Michael Richardson

Slam Tasmanian is a character on Loonatics Unleashed.


Slam is the group's muscular heavyweight and wears a black uniform with purple accents. Slam is a descendant of Taz, the Tasmanian Devil, and most likely the Tasmanian She-Devil. Like his ancestors, he is capable of spinning at high speeds. He also speaks similarly to Taz, with most of his sentences being incoherent grumbles save for one or two key words.


Loonatics Unleashed Episode 6 - The Comet Cometh14

Slam as professional wrestler (Before getting his powers)

Before gaining his powers, Slam was a professional wrestler, called "Twisted Spinner" (also known as "The Terror from Somewhere"). He seems to enjoy the sport, as seen in I Am Slamacus, when he is excited to return to the ring for a short time.

His speech sounds like simple English grunting, but is implied to be dialogue the audience is not meant to understand, like his ancestor. The other Loonatics will sometimes mention what Slam said, effectively translating anything important. In the second season, he speaks better English, but still does not seem fluent in the language.


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Tornado Maximizer: The ability to spin into a tornado form and even fire tornado blasts from his hands, like his ancestor, only more powerful.
  • Thunder Mode: The ability to Launch small electric tornadoes from his arms (according to the opening credits, he can use these powers at a "spin level" of "8447.8"), as well as spinning into a near-unstoppable electrical hurricane. He is only seen using this in the intro of Season 1.


  • Out of the six Loonatics, Slam seems to have had the least problematic life before the meteor hit.
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