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Slappy Squirrel is a character in the Warner Bros. cartoon show Animaniacs. She first appeared in the third Animaniacs episode, "Slappy Goes Walnuts", which originally aired 15 September 1993. She was voiced by Sherri Stoner.


She is a cantankerous old woman with a New York accent. She is a gray squirrel, usually wearing a green hat decorated with a yellow flower and black purse and rainbow umbrella that she occasionally uses to hit other characters. She lives in a hollow tree with her nephew Skippy Squirrel, despite their polar opposite personalities, who loves to hear her tell stories about her former days of stardom. While Skippy represents a cuter style of cartoon characters, Slappy is a more chaotic and old-school character, enjoying violence for comedy's sake and resentful of milquetoast, censor-influenced modern cartoons.