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Slick Hare is a 1947 Merrie Melodies short directed by Friz Freleng.


Famous 1940s celebrities are dining and hanging out at The Mocrombo Club, including such personalities as Frank Sinatra (depicted as long and skinny, so much so that he slips into his straw while trying to take a sip from his drink) and Ray Milland (in a parody of The Lost Weekend, where he pays for his drink with a typewriter and receives little typewriters as change). Fudd is a waiter at the Mocrumbo and comes out to find that his next customer is Humphrey Bogart.

Bogart lets Elmer know that he wants fried rabbit, and he wants it within the next twenty minutes—or else! (pulling out a Tommy gun). This puts Elmer in a bind, as the restaurant is "fwesh out of wabbit." However, as he is scouring the kitchen, Elmer hears the familiar sound of Bugs munching on some carrots in a corner of the kitchen. Elmer lets Bugs know that Bogart wants to "have" him for dinner. Bugs immediately dresses in a tuxedo and wants to have a peek at what is cooking. Elmer quickly puts a mirror into a pot. Bugs takes a look inside, soon realizes that he himself is the main course, and makes a quick getaway.

Bugs eventually manages to get out of the kitchen, dressing like Groucho Marx in an attempt to fool Elmer—but Elmer is dressed as Harpo. Bugs tries to make a getaway, but is stopped by the large stomach of Sydney Greenstreet. He runs into Carmen Miranda's dressing room and hides in her famous fruit hat. Carmen then does a song and as she walks off the stage, Elmer starts chasing Bugs. Elmer runs away from the audience leaving Bugs to dance to the same song Carmen did.

Bugs then makes his way back to the kitchen, where he enjoys the audience loving his performance. He saw Elmer approaching, so he then pretends to be a pie chef and continues splattering Elmer in the face. On the third pie which was a coconut custard pie with whipped cream, Elmer realizes that Bugs is the pie chef, so he threw that last at Bugs. When Bugs manages to duck that pie, it hits Bogart in the face. Bogart grabs Elmer and asks him, "Why did you hit me in the face with a coconut custard pie with whipped cream?" Bogart then warns Elmer that he has just five minutes to come up with his fried rabbit. Elmer searches frantically, but cannot find one in time. Bogart comes in, and Elmer thinks he's about to die. Bogart sticks his hand in his jacket, only to pull out a handkerchief and dab his forehead as he resigns, "Baby will just have to have a ham sandwich instead." Upon hearing "Baby", Bugs jumps out of his hiding place which was the clock that told Elmer his time was up (it was assumed that Bugs himself tampered with the clock) and takes his place as the main course (Lauren Bacall being "Baby"), noting, "Remember, garçon, the customer is always right! If it's rabbit Baby wants, rabbit Baby gets!", before howling at Bacall.





  • Michael Maltese and Tedd Pierce are caricatured.
  • Michael Maltese said in the DVD commentary, "I almost got my ass in a sling!" for giving viewers his impressions of the kitchen of the Mocambo. He drew what he saw, including grease dripping from the refrigerators and crates of vegetables lying around on the ground.
  • The cartoon displays both Humphrey Bogart's "tough guy" image, and his real-life softer side, more interested in tending to Lauren Bacall than in instigating violence.
  • The Cartoon Festivals print is a damaged a.a.p. print where the a.a.p. logo plays first, then the 1947-49 Blue Ribbon Color Rings from the "Inki and the Lion" opening card, also notice the light blue borders. The 1939-40 version of Merrily We Roll Along plays instead of the 1941-45 version. The print then changes to another print that says "Slick Hare". This is a MGM/UA print and probably was hacked off by United Artists in the 1980s. This print had aired on TBS, TNT and later Cartoon Network before 1995 [2].
  • On TV Puls and TV Puls 2 in Poland, this short was aired mistakenly with opening rings plastered from "Rabbit Punch"[3]. Canal+, Cartoon Network and Boomerang CEE, as well as other European TV channels, aired this short with correct opening rings [4].
  • When this cartoon aired on the Italian TV station Mediaset Italia 1, for some odd reason the cartoon's EU 1995 Turner dubbed version has the original 1941-1955 Merrie Melodies ending music cue is replaced by the slightly distorted variant of 1941-1955 Merrie Melodies ending music cue as heard in "The Wacky Wabbit". Other TV airings of this cartoon's EU 1995 Turner dubbed version however retain it's original ending music cue [5]. What is more, the final scenes in the Italian redub of this short have replaced music cues. Instead of the cues sourced from "Raw! Raw! Rooster!" and "The Good Egg", one can listen to cues used in the "The Wacky Wabbit" 1995 m/e audiotrack, sourced from "To Hare Is Human" and "A Broken Leghorn".



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