Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night is the eighth episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster welcomes the viewers and tells them that today's episode is about scary creatures and other stuff that goes bump in the night. A devil says "Bump!" and scares Buster, but when he isn't looking, the devil reveals itself as Babs Bunny.

In the second act, Babs tells the viewers that sometimes things aren't always what they look like. She reveals that what looks like a ghost is her bathrobe caught in a draft, what looks like an alien is really her portable TV, and what looks like a huge bloodsucking vampire really is a huge bloodsucking vampire. This scares her, and while she isn't looking, the vampire reveals itself as Buster Bunny, who wanted revenge on her for scaring him in the previous act. He introduces the next cartoon, about the scariest place in Acme Acres; Elmyra's house!

In the third act, Buster is dressed as a vampire to introduce the last cartoon about a mosquito. A two-headed monster sneaks up on him, but he thinks it's Babs in disguise, and tells her to skip it. Babs asks him, "Skip what?," and Buster tells her, "Skip faster than you have ever skipped before." Together, they run away from the monster.

Episode Segments

Home Wrecker

Late one night in Buster's burrow, Buster is trying to sleep, as a bunch of steel bars come crashing down on everything in his room. Buster is oblivious to the bars crashing down into his burrow, as he walks half-asleep a small distance to turn off a dripping faucet, which gets crushed by a steel bar as soon as he does. He crawls back into bed, narrowly avoiding plummeting steel bars, and tries to get some sleep. Two flies buzz into Buster's ear, so he knocks them out of it, waking him up in the process to finally realize that someone is building something on his property. Montana Max is building a summer house right on top of Buster's burrow and the annoyed blue bunny greatly protests against it. Monty tells Buster that he owns the surrounding land now and shows him the deed to prove it, but Buster folds the deed like a paper airplane with a stick of dynamite inside it and lights it.

The dynamite explodes in Monty's face, and Buster responds, "It would take a crane to move me, Monty." Montana Max uses the crane that was being used to help build the house to toss Buster through the air and several hundreds of feet away. Buster returns and sets up a lawn chair, refusing to move. Monty uses the crane to drop his newly built summer house directly on top of him, which appears to have crushed the blue bunny, as Monty suddenly worries that he might have accidentally killed him. Monty fears that if anyone finds out, he could go to prison forever. Fortunately for him, there were no witnesses, so Monty thinks he is in the clear.

Monty decides to relax in his newly built summer house, plopping down on the couch to watch some television, as he laughs and states, "Buster's deader than a doornail." He turns on the television, but the first image that he sees is Buster (who has a glowing, sparkling outline around him) on the screen, causing him to scream, turn the television off and hide under a cushion. He then hears someone making a mess in his kitchen and immediately goes to check it out. He sees that there are rabbit footprints (caused from a spilled beverage in the opened refrigerator) and walks up the wall to follow them. Buster is on the ceiling and asks him, "What's down, doc?" Monty is shocked and thinks Buster has come back to haunt him. Buster scares Monty so bad that it sends him soaring through the roof and into the sky, as Monty desperately hopes that he lands in the pool. Monty does land in the pool, however, Buster had just drained it, causing the spoiled rich brat to slam into the emptied pool's concrete.

Monty hears his harp being played from another room and investigates, finding Buster playing it, who taunts him by telling him that he's going to live with him for the rest of his afterlife. Monty traps Buster in a box, encases it in cement and dumps it in the river, only to return home to find Buster already there and totally unharmed. Monty searches in his closet for his Acme Ghost Sucker vacuum, which will suck up anything, and he tries to use it to suck up Buster. Buster flees and the vacuum sucks up the entire house and everything in it instead, as Monty cries in despair, realizing his summer house is gone. Buster reveals to Monty that he is still alive (dusting himself off and knocking the glowing, sparkling outline off of him) and was merely acting like a ghost. Monty throws a temper tantrum and Buster (sitting back in the lawn chair) replies, "You know, I just can't stand to hear a rich kid cry." He puts on a pair of headphones with the music up high, toning out the whining Monty.

Fang You Very Much

Elmyra Duff's pets have escaped from her house, but the terrifying animal-lover is prepared for this, as she has joined the Acme Pet of the Month Club. Her newest pet is a bat, who she signs for and takes inside her house. Elmyra wakes the bat up and dresses him as a doll to play with, but while she isn't looking, the bat turns out the lights and reveals himself as Count Blood Count. His plan is to bite her so that he can drink her blood. When she returns, Count Blood Count turns back into a bat as Elmyra gives him a mud pie to eat. When he finds out that it was a mud pie that he had ate, he rushes up to the bathroom and transforms into a vampire to wash his mouth out. She looks for him and he attempts to bite her, but she shines a flashlight on him, turning him back into a bat.

Elmyra thinks he is looking pale and takes him to the sun-room, where he is tied up to a beach chair and put against a bright light. He melts, slips through a crack and lands in a bucket, which hits a rake that knocks over a shelf with various items on it that flattens the bucket. He turns back into a vampire, with a severe sunburn, and decides to bite her right away, stating, "No more mister nice bloodsucker." He floats up the steps from the basement and attempts to bite her, but Elmyra, wanting to play ping-pong with him, smacks him with the paddle, sending him bouncing down the basement's steps and into the furnace, turning him back into a bat. She then knocks him out of the window with a hockey stick, as he changes back into a vampire and lands in a blood bank, causing many recent donors to run out screaming. Elmyra is sad that she had lost her bat, but suddenly happy again when a werewolf is delivered to her door.

Easy Biter

Hamton has finished cleaning his house and is ready for bed, but as he goes to sleep, a hungry little stalker is watching him from his window. A mosquito wants to bite him on the butt and after numerous failed attempts at trying to get inside, he finds his way in through a mail slot. He flies into Hamton's room and lands on his bedpost, licking his lips as he targets his plump meal. He tries to bite Hamton on the behind, but the sleeping pig turns over and inadvertently slaps the mosquito against a wall. The mosquito lands on Hamton's nose, waking him up and causing him to be angered upon seeing the pesky biter.

He tries to smack the mosquito off of his face, but the mosquito narrowly avoids it by flying away, causing Hamton to smack himself instead. He then flies in Hamton's ear and plays with his ear drum, sending Hamton tumbling all around the room. Hamton smacks him out of his ear and attempts to squish him with a newspaper, but the mosquito avoids these attempts and gives him a vicious bite on his behind. The infuriated (and bruised) pig gets a fly swatter and chases the mosquito around his home, destroying some of his property in the process, trying desperately to squish him.

Hamton gets his head caught in one of the piggy banks in his collection, but as he tries to get the piggy bank off his head, the mosquito targets his rear-end again and strikes it with a powerful bite, sending Hamton soaring through the roof. The furious Hamton knocks over the door, which lands on the mosquito, who pops out of the keyhole. Hamton confronts the mosquito with a can of bug spray, as the mosquito pleads and cries for his life. When this doesn't persuade Hamton, he shows him photos of him and his family from his wallet, which causes Hamton to change his mind and let the mosquito go. He tells him that he never wants to see him in his house again and the mosquito agrees and flies away, but as Hamton waves and says "so long," many other mosquitoes go inside his house. Hamton then goes inside, unaware of the unwanted intruders, as they bite him multiple times on his behind. He flees from his home and decides to sleep outside with the mosquito, as the other mosquitoes are having a party in his home. They snuggle up on piles of leaves and say "good-night" to each other, but the two-headed monster suddenly appears and tells them "good-night" as well. Hamton and the mosquito are still frightened and flee away, as the monster reveals itself to be Buster and Babs. Buster laughs and remarks, "This is more fun than rabbits ought to have," with Babs stating, "Good-night, folks," as both wave goodbye to the viewers.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Two-headed Monster, Delivery Man
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Frank Welker Count Blood Count, The Mosquito


  • Buster: "Hey, hey, hey! Stop the music! Hit the brakes! Hold the phone!" (as he notices a house being built directly over his burrow)
  • Elmyra: "Oh, boy! My very own batty-watty to love and hug and squeeze into itty-bitty pieces!"
  • Count Bloodcount: "Blah. Blah. As much as I hate to admit it, I think she's just my type...O positive." (referring to Elmyra)
  • Count Bloodcount: "Eeewww...She's making me see red...My favorite color."
  • Hamton: "Mission accomplished! The entire house is spotless!"
  • Hamton: Gee... I didn't know you had a family."


  • The Home Wrecker segment appears to have been inspired from the Looney Tunes episode, The Fair-Haired Hare (1951). Just as Montana Max builds himself a home above Buster Bunny's burrow and tries to get rid of Buster in Home Wrecker, Yosemite Sam builds himself a home over Bugs Bunny's burrow and tries to get rid of Bugs in The Fair-Haired Hare.


  • Count Bloodcount, who appears in the episode segment, Fang You Very Much, was the main antagonist in the Bugs Bunny cartoon, Transylvania 6-5000. but His bat form is Different.
  • At one point during Fang You Very Much Count Bloodcount references the antagonist of the 1989 feature film Batman by stating "Wait'll she gets a load of me."
  • The opening is a direct parody of the "Night on Bald Mountain" segment of Fantasia, even using the same Mussorgsky piece.
  • This episode is one of three times where Buster says a variation of Bugs Bunny's catchphrase. When Monty is on the ceiling, he says to him, "Eh, what's down, doc?"


  • To read the transcript for this episode, click here.
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