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Survival of the Dimmest is the first webisode of the Toon Marooned series of Webtoons cartoons.


NOTE: Plot may contain elements of the webtoon's original internet version, including the intended order of events in the webtoon's interactive portion.

The Looney Tunes cast is dropped down onto a jungle peninsula in Festeroon. Bugs Bunny is hosting a survival reality show where the winner wins $100. The cast must live and work together, and every night someone is voted out. Daffy forms a secret alliance with Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd and Sylvester to ensure that they vote off the other toons until the four of them are the only ones left. After the pledge, Daffy asides that he'll dump his allies afterwards, intending to win the whole thing. At the first gathering of Toon Council, Bugs explains that the games were skipped this week because all anyone cared about was who got voted off. No one is voted out; the one vote was for Regis Philbin mainly because Granny doesn't like him. Yosemite Sam then complains about how confusing the ballot system is. Bugs dumps all the votes into Taz' mouth and Daffy scolds the former for not deciding to parody Who Wants to be a Millionaire?



  • One scene shown on the internet, but not on DVD is Yosemite Sam shooting while saying, "These ballots are so dang confusing! I mean, how do you know if you wrote down the right name?"
  • A running gag through the webisode is various supplies falling out of a plane and landing on Daffy.
    • In the original internet version, there was an interactive portion that allowed the viewer to choose which supplies land on Daffy. The choices were an anvil, a safe, a tire, a sack of potatoes, a fire extinguisher and a piano. The DVD version uses the latter three.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (which was hosted by Regis Philbin) was mentioned.



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