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TNT Trouble is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Wile E. Coyote spies Road Runner on his daily morning sprint and, imagining him as a delectable roast dinner, lures him with birdseed. Standing on a cliff he successfully baits the bird, but runs into a problem when he drops a stick of TNT onto his prey, with the bird's crest bouncing it right back towards him, blowing him up into ash-flavored birdseed which Road Runner eats. Using another birdseed packet, the regenerated Coyote uses a fishing rod attached to another TNT stick, but unfortunately, as he casts the line, the dynamite returns to him and blows up in his face. Finally, Wile E. purchases an ACME Sky Drone which is able to clutch a stick of dynamite. However, he loses his grip on the remote control, and it lands straight onto the plate of birdseed, allowing it to be pecked by Road Runner and causing the drone's blades to shave the coyote's head and lower body. Wile E. evades the drone, but is caught in the fishing rod he previously used, plummeting downward to the desert floor. Just as he is able to finally capture the bird, Road Runner sprints off, leaving behind the drone to detonate at Wile E.'s expense. After that, the coyote pleads for the short to end through holding a sign.