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Tabasco Road is a 1957 Looney Tunes short directed by Robert McKimson.


At a Mexican nightclub, Speedy Gonzales and his mice friends are socializing at a bar in a mousehole. Speedy is dancing around a sombrero, while two of his friends, Pablo and Fernando, drink until they are "muy loaded". At three in the morning, the two friends exit the bar into an alley, which has a large macho alley cat. The inebriated friends try to fight with the cat while Speedy tries to desperately find them. However, the two mice are easily captured and only saved by Speedy who smashes the cat's tail with the butt of an axe. Speedy tries to hide Pablo and Fernando in a sardine can, but the two are still drunkenly singing and confuse Speedy for the cat. Speedy takes Fernando back home, but Pablo is caught and eaten. Speedy saves Pablo again by smashing the cat's foot with a hammer, and when the cat screams, Speedy grabs Pablo from his mouth and replaces him with a lit firecracker.

Fernando has left his house to also find Pablo. He falls for a trap in the cat's mouth, and Speedy repeats the hammer and firecracker tactic again. The cat is now scared of fighting Speedy and runs away past the city limits. As Speedy laughs after the cat, he sees Pablo and Fernando still wanting to fight other alley cats while intoxicated. Speedy asides, "Grab your sombreros, amigos. Here we go again."




  • It is the last Speedy Gonzales cartoon to be reissued, replacing the large orange Looney Tunes titles and rings with "A Vitaphone Release".
  • It was an Academy Award nominee for best short subject, but it lost to "Birds Anonymous". Both shorts were reissued as Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodies cartoons.
  • In September 2021, a 35mm print sold on eBay has the original opening and closing titles.
    • Though the original opening and closing titles are known to exist, it was restored with the Blue Ribbon titles.


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