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Tale of Two Mice
Directed By: Frank Tashlin
Produced By: Eddie Selzer
Released: June 30, 1945
Series: Looney Tunes
Story: Michael Maltese
Animation: Phil Monroe
Ken Harris
Ben Washam
Lloyd Vaughan
A.C. Gamer (effects)[1]
Layouts: Robert Gribbroek
Backgrounds: Peter Alvarado
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Mel Blanc
Tedd Pierce
Music: Carl W. Stalling
Starring: Babbit and Catstello
House Cat
Preceded By: A Gruesome Twosome
Succeeded By: Wagon Heels
Tale Of Two Mice

Tale Of Two Mice

Tale of Two Mice is a 1945 cartoon. It was directed by an uncredited Frank Tashlin.


Babbit and Catstello from A Tale of Two Kitties return. This time they find themselves attempting to steal cheese, that is being guarded by a cat. There schemes include past a sleeping cat, which doesn't go so well as Castello runs off at first time, a small airplane and a rope and pull system.


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