I found some more Loonatics Unleashed characters that appear to be descendants of the original Looney Tunes characters.

Ophiuchus Sam - Yosemite Sam
Pierre Le Pew - Pepe Le Pew
Gorlop - Gossamer
The Royal Tweetums - Tweety
Queen Grannicus - Granny
Sylth Vester - Sylvester
Harriet "Ma" Runner - Road Runner
Ralph "Pa" Runner - Road Runner
Rip Runner - Road Runner
Sagittarius Stomper and his Mom - Shropshire Slasher and his Mother
Electro J. Fudd - Elmer Fudd
Melvin the Martian - Marvin the Martian
Sergeant Sirius - K-9
Pinkster Pig - Porky Pig
Stoney and Bugsy - Rocky and Mugsy

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