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General information
Genre: Sitcom
Created by: Art Vitello
No. of seasons: 4
No. of episodes: 65
Running time: 22 minutes
Original run: September 7, 1991 – May 22, 1995
Networks: Fox Kids (US)

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Taz-Mania is an early 1990s cartoon show, produced and directed by Art Vitello. It was broadcast on Fox Kids in the United States. The show however, was not a Spielberg/WB collaboration.


Taz the Tasmanian Devil is a teenager living in the fictional land of Tazmania (based on the Australian island and province of Tasmania). Taz could actually speak perfectly normally when he wanted to.

He is a young slacker who is living with his family, working as a bell-hop at a local hotel, and having adventures with his friends.


The show had two intros. Because the first had a notable use of strobe effects, a toned-down intro was created later due to concerns over affecting epileptic viewers and those sensitive to strobe-light effects.


A total of 65 episodes were produced, most having two separate story segments.

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