Lt taz mania game

Taz Mania is a video game developed and manufactured by Sega for the Master System, Mega Drive, and Genesis in 1992. It is based on the cartoon Taz-Mania. The plot for the game is a twist on the usual "Save the world" stereotype for many platform games.

Other different Taz-Mania games were made for the SNES and Game Boy.


One evening, Taz's father Hugh is telling an intriguing tale. Somewhere on Tazmania is a Lost Valley, and in that valley nests a huge seabird, so huge that one of its eggs could feed a family for a year. Taz becomes fascinated by the prospect of the potentially large omelet and leaves in search of one of those eggs. However in his haste he leaves before his Dad has finished the story and thus does not know exactly where to go.


The player must direct Taz through five stages in search of the Lost Valley and its Giant Bird.

There are a few items and pickups such as;

  • Spring: Bounces Taz up to high ledges
  • Blocks: Destructible with a spin attack. Usually contain secret areas with 1-UPs/Chickens. However, some are natural and unavoidable obstacles to completing the level.
  • 1-UP: Extra life
  • Continue: Gives three continues
  • Star: Invulnerability from enemies. The only things that can damage Taz with a star is falling off the bottom of the screen.
  • Bomb: If Taz eats one it blows up in his stomach in typical Looney Tunes fashion. Once picked up, it counts down to five seconds before it explodes.
  • Chicken: Gives Taz some health back, much to his visual delight
  • Weed Killer: Used for destroying giant Venus flytraps, however if Taz eats a bag he will spit in disgust.
  • Water Gallon: Gives Taz some health back, much to his visual delight
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