{{{1}}} would like to be promoted to {{{2}}}. Users must answer the questions below. We assume everyone here is thirteen and older. If so, that means the staff expects everyone to be writing at least at the junior high level. You may either answer the questions in an essay or answer each one individually. Each question should be at least a few sentences. One sentence answers are generally not acceptable.

1. Why do you want to be promoted?

2. What makes you qualified for the promotion you are applying for?

3. If you end up getting the promotion, what would you do to improve the encyclopedia?

4. What have you contributed to the wiki so far (main-space edits)?

5. Any experiences on other wikis with this position or with any higher user position? If so, explain and be honest. Wikis based on fan-fiction content do not count. If you have any experience on other wikis, please link a page to your contributions on said wiki.

6. Have you ever been in an situation where you wish you had the rights you want, but didn't have the privileges to do so?

7. Anything else you would like to add?

Readers with an account can please state their position in the comments. They need to explain why AND use the user's contributions as evidence for their position.

Support: Why? (give at least 2-3 sentences explaining why)

Neutral: Why? (give at least 2-3 sentences explaining why)

Oppose: Why? (give at least 2-3 sentences explaining why)

If you just put oppose/support/neutral and don't explain why, the vote MAY NOT count.

Note: Users that attempt to remove opposes, neutrals, and supports from the discussions tab will result in a revoke of promotion requests for 2 weeks. If there are biased requests, Acme Heads may choose to not include them.

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