Thaddeus Plotz

Thaddeus Plotz is a character on Animaniacs. He was voiced by Frank Welker.


Thaddeus Plotz is the CEO of Warner Brothers Studios. He was responsible for keeping the Warner Brothers locked up in the water tower for several decades.

Thaddeus then realized that there is no need to keep everything locked up for several decades. He knew that good would result from the craziness and determined that he would go out of business if he didn't change his ways. His shows can be seen on MOR and the Comedy Network. He is a man of a thousand voices, the reason he is so successful.


Thaddeus is very hot-tempered. He is also greedy, and despises anything that the Warners do or come into contact with.

Thaddeus then had an "awakening" and no longer found the need to be angry or hot tempered. He realized that anger doesn't get anyone anywhere in the world. Anger just causes people grief.

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