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The Bob Clampett Show is an animation anthology television program which ran from 2000 to 2001. Produced by Cartoon Network, it featured animated theatrical shorts from the Warner Bros. library that were animated or directed by Bob Clampett, as well as a selection of shorts from the Beany and Cecil animated television series. It originally aired on Cartoon Network, with reruns airing at the tail end of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim program in the mid-2000s. Twenty-six episodes were made in all.

This was one of two animated anthology shows on Cartoon Network (joining The Popeye Show) that aired uncut and uncensored Warner Bros. shorts, as well as shorts that normally get little to no airtime on American TV due to content (such as "Russian Rhapsody" and "Bacall to Arms"). Because of this, the show was often broadcast later at night.

Almost all of the Bob Clampett-directed Looney Tunes shorts are included in this program, except "Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs" and "Tin Pan Alley Cats", which are part of the Censored Eleven.

List of Cartoons Featured

Season 1

Season 2