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The Body (Femme Fatale or Fowl Fatale or Shapely Lady Duck) is a lady duck in "The Super Snooper" (1952).

About The Body

Like a femme fatale, her clothing is completely red (red dress, red gloves, and red lipstick), except for her yellow shoes. She falls in loves with Daffy Duck in his detective 'Duck Drake' persona at first sight. The drop dead gorgeous female duck immediately grabs him, starts kissing him and flirts with him endlessly. Daffy doesn't understand, and he thinks she is a murderess. The Body also hikes up her skirt to reveal her long crossed curvaceous legs while sitting down. Then she turns out the lights and leaves the detective's face covered with lipstick marks. Later The Body asks him to frisk her by saying, "Search Me!" A lot more kisses to his cheeks and lips and seduction attempts follow. In the finale, she admits with balls and chains in her eyes that she is only guilty of being crazy about him. This Fowl Fatale has fallen so insanely in love with him that she wants to get married right away. Wishing to remain a bachelor, Daffy Duck gets the heck out of there. Lifting up her shirt to reveal her long legs yet again, The Body chases him through the house and out of the mansion. Upon exiting the premises, the holes their bodies leave from breaking through the door are of a bride and groom. 


  • "Was someone asking for me?"
  • "I'm 'The Body' sweetheart! And I'm innocent. Do you hear me? Innocent!"
  • "Rowr! Rowr! Oh baby! You gorgeous hunk of duck!"
  • "And you're cute!"
  • "Search me!"
  • "Rowr! Rowr!"
  • "You cutie pie you!"
  • "I bet he (Daffy) looks good in a bathing suit!"
  • "Silly boy! The ax handle estate is a couple of blocks up the street."
  • "Uh uh sweetheart. I'm guilty! ...Of being crazy about you sweetheart!"