This page lists all the censored scenes in The Bugs Bunny Show. The show consisting of previous post-1948 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts. They were subject to cuts and censorship on air when aired on ABC (as The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show) and CBS (as The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show).

While both channels edited it out violence that went beyond normal slapstick (particularly suicide gags and any actions considered dangerous, imitable behavior), CBS was more lenient than ABC when it came to cutting content considered "politically incorrect" (mostly racial and ethnic stereotypes and any joke that mocked mental illness or disorders). However, CBS' edits were (for the most part) more sloppily done than ABC's (unless otherwise noted).

ABC Censorship

Ain't She Tweet (1952)

  • Starting in 1994, the aftermath of Sylvester's rocket backfiring on him, setting him ablaze and leaving him to frantically try to put the fire out, was removed. As soon as the cloud of smoke forms when the rocket takes off, the picture fades to black.

All a Bir-r-r-d (1950)

  • Starting in 1994, the scene of Sylvester getting flung into the locomotive furnace and jumping out with his rear on fire was cut.

Apes of Wrath (1959)

  • The very beginning where the drunk stork doesn't realize that the baby ape he's delivering has escaped, and when he finally realizes, he finds and hits Bugs with a stick was deleted, along with the scene after of the ape couple waiting for their baby to arrive. Due to this edit, the cartoon now begins with the stork delivering Bugs to the apes, with no explanation as to why he's their son.
  • The scene of Elvis being chased and hit with a rolling pin by his wife and Bugs was cut. All one sees is the wife striking him once (right before the chase) before the scene abruptly ends.
  • Each of the three scenes of Bugs hitting Elvis with a stick were heavily shortened.

Awful Orphan (1949)

  • The whole scene where Charlie disguises himself as a baby at Porky's door, the latter kicking him away, and then the former dressing up as an old lady while hitting Porky with an umbrella was removed, making it seem like Charlie kicked Porky out of his room when he was trying to throw him out.
  • Some of Charlie's dialogue when he fakes a suicide attempt was removed.

Baby Buggy Bunny (1954)

  • Finster pointing a gun at Bugs, Bugs mistaking it for a toy, and getting blasted in the face with it was excised entirely.
  • Bugs shaking Finster violently, throwing him in the washing machine, and then throwing him into the ceiling was wholly cut, so that there's now a jump from Finster looking back at Bugs from a bookshelf to Finster falling to the ground to suggest he simply fell from the shelf.

Ballot Box Bunny (1951)

  • The entire ending scene where Bugs and Sam play Russian Roulette after both losing the mayoral race to a literal "dark horse" was removed. The short now ends by irising out after Bugs and Sam look at each other following the "Dark Horse"/"Mare" line.

A Bear for Punishment (1951)

  • The "Let's Give a Cheer for Father" musical number was edited to remove the two times Ma and Junyer Bear fire shotguns in the air (it should be noted that the scenes that Nickelodeon edited -- Pa slamming the alarm clock in Junyer's face and Junyer mistaking gunpowder for tobacco -- were left uncut on ABC, as was the scene of Junyer chasing Pa with a jagged razor and the heavily implication that Pa was cut to death by Junyer until Pa beats his son off-screen).

Bedevilled Rabbit (1957)

  • There was quite a strange edit to the scene where Bugs serves Taz "wild turkey surprise". All that was shown was Bugs preparing the explosive meal and walking to Taz, followed by a jump to Taz saying "Pardon." after eating it. The bit where he actually eats it and it blows up inside him was cut.
  • Taz's wife hitting him with a rolling pin several times was removed, so that one only hears it over Bugs taking off his disguise.

Beep Prepared (1961)

  • Wile E. placing machine guns on the sides of the road, and when he tries the trap out, he gets shot through his body, leaving him with part of him missing, was cut.
  • Wile E. trying out a rocket outfit, only to have it blow up on him from over-revving, was cut.

Big House Bunny (1950)

  • The scene where Bugs runs up to a hanging noose's scaffold, pushes a button, and then the platform beneath him lowers him like an elevator, followed by Yosemite Sam trying this and getting hanged was wholly cut.
  • The scene where Bugs, disguised as the prison warden, gives Sam a cigar and a seat on the electric chair (with the predictable electrocution results) was cut.

Bill of Hare (1962)

  • Bugs' poking Taz's eyes out when Bugs is bathing in the cauldron was cut.
  • Taz eating the dynamite shish kebab was so clumsily edited that the audio of the explosions can be heard when Bugs closes the door on Taz.

A Bird in a Bonnet (1958)

  • A very brief scene of Granny striking Sylvester with her umbrella was clipped out. This edit is one of ABC's clumsiest, most obvious edit, as it goes from Sylvester reaching for Granny's hat, followed by a sudden cut to Granny holding her umbrella in her hand and Sylvester looking dazed.

A Bird in a Guilty Cage (1952)

  • The whole scene where Sylvester's paw chases Tweety through a dollhouse, concluding with Tweety painting one of Sylvester's fingers yellow, and then Sylvester, mistaking his finger for Tweety, shoots it with a revolver, blowing it clean off, was removed.
  • The scene where Sylvester gets multiple bullets to the rear after his gun barrel goes through a pipe and out a hole behind him was replaced with a shot of Tweety escaping from the pipe.

Bonanza Bunny (1959)

  • The sequence where Jacques encounters Bugs dressed as a cowboy in the rumpus room, and Bugs tricking him into pulling the cork off his "pop gun" was cut.
  • Bugs tricking Jacques into using a dynamite telephone to call a beautiful woman was removed.

A Bone for a Bone (1951)

  • The scene of Tosh hitting Geo on the head with a mallet was edited. Placed over it was a still of Mac in Geo's hand.
  • Geo filling the gophers' hole with gunpowder, followed by them stealing a match from him and lighting the keg so that it blows up in his face was removed entirely.

Boobs in the Woods (1950)

  • The scene where Daffy disguises himself as an executioner and ordering Porky to get down on the ground, before he reveals himself as "Pocahontas" was entirely cut, jumping from Daffy acting as a game warden to Porky slapping Daffy to the ground, with the Pocahontas costume still briefly visible (Contrast with Cartoon Network's pre-2002 version where the scene of Porky about to be executed was left in, but the entire Pocahontas scene is covered with a fake fade-out from Porky asiding to the audience that "T-t-they sure are strict around here" to the fishing gag).
  • Every scene of Daffy being literally choked while acting as Porky's new engine were clipped out.

Boulder Wham (1965)

  • The whole sequence where Wile E. tries to hypnotize the Road Runner into walking off a cliff, only to do so himself was cut (a similar scene in "Zipping Along" wasn't cut)

Bowery Bugs (1949)

  • The first time when Bugs (as the fortuneteller) asks him to read the bumps on his head, with Brody saying he has no bumps on his head and Bugs hitting him with a mallet had the hits cut from six to one.
  • When Brody tries his hand at being lucky in love, and encounters Bugs dressed as a woman calling him a "masher," "cad," and "ruffian" and yelling for the police: The cop hits Brody eleven times in the uncut version. On ABC, the beatings were drastically shortened to one and a half before a fake fade-out.

Boyhood Daze (1957)

  • The whole sequence where Ralph daydreams about saving his parents from an African tribe was removed.

A Broken Leghorn (1959)

  • The scene where Foghorn tries to kill the rooster chick by sliding dynamite through a storm drain, followed by the chick smacking it back up to Foghorn where it blows up at him, was cut.
  • The scene where Foghorn ties corn to a rifle to blast the chick, only for the chick to pull on the corn hard enough so that the gun blasts Foghorn in the face was removed.

Bugs' Bonnets (1956)

  • The whole scene where Bugs becomes a game warden, Elmer becomes a Pilgrim, then Bugs becomes an Indian chasing Elmer with his gun was cut.
  • Scenes of Bugs as a mobster blowing cigar smoke in Elmer's face before the police officer hat falls on Elmer's head was cut (however, the scene of Elmer as General MacArthur puffing his pipe after saying, "I have returned" wasn't cut).

Bully for Bugs (1953)

  • The bit where the bull tries to reload the gun stuck in his tail by swallowing bullets, only for him to blow up when he tries to shoot was removed.
  • The grand finale of the bull going up a greased ramp, getting glue and sandpaper stuck to his underside, striking a match and getting blown up by TNT before crashing into a wall was heavily edited, so all one saw was the bull going up the ramp and hitting the wall (compare with CBS' version, which also cut the scene, but left in the glue and sandpaper part, making it obvious that something's missing).

Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)

  • The sequence where Yosemite Sam tries to burrow to Bugs' base, only to end up digging into an explosives shack and getting blown up upon striking a match was removed.

Canary Row (1950)

  • Granny chasing Sylvester down the street while hitting him with her umbrella was cut. The scene cuts off after Granny reveals herself to be in the cage instead of Tweety.
  • Every scene of Sylvester getting electrocuted by the streetcar was cut.

Cat Feud (1958)

  • Marc Anthony punching the cat in the face was replaced with a still of Pussyfoot sleeping.
  • Marc Anthony getting hit on the head with an I-beam was shortened.

The Cat's Bah (1954)

  • The entire beginning where an unseen reporter interviews Pepe was removed due to the heavy presence of alcohol and cigarettes (though the scene of Pepe at the piano smoking a cigarette and the end showing Pepe with a cigarette in his hand wasn't cut). The cartoon now begins with the camera panning through the city and Pepe's voiceover.

Catty Cornered (1953)

  • The scene near the end of the mayor smacking Sylvester on the head to make him spit out Tweety was shortened.

Chaser on the Rocks (1965)

  • The scene of Wile E. trying to catch the Road Runner with an explosive ice drink was cut.

Claws for Alarm (1954)

  • The scene where Sylvester plugs a gun with his finger and the gun fires, causing the bullet to go through his finger and out via his tail (with Porky sleepily commenting "Mice") was cut.
  • The scene where Sylvester uses a noose to demonstrate to Porky what could have happened to him had Sylvester not saved him was cut.
  • The scene where a noose lowers on Porky while Porky is sleeping, Sylvester cuts the noose with a razor and Porky accuses Sylvester of attempted murder was cut.

Claws in the Lease (1963)

This cartoon was shown with parts cut on ABC, but there were two edited versions shown--one in 1988 and another that was used from 1994-2000:

  • The 1988 version cuts the part where Sylvester Jr. runs to get Sylvester from the dump after Sylvester Jr. finds a home and Sylvester tries to drink from the bowl of milk before getting beaten with a broom repeatedly by the woman who takes Sylvester Jr. in the house, followed by the scene where Sylvester ends up getting beaten with the broom again when he tries to get Sylvester, Jr. back. The edited version in 1988 showed Sylvester Jr. being taken in by the lady and Sylvester banging on the door, then cut to the scene with Sylvester Jr. and the lady eating snacks and watching TV.
  • The 1994-2000 version left in the part where Sylvester Jr. gets his father from the dump after finding a home and Sylvester drinking the milk before getting beaten, but the beatings were shortened from six hits to one and the part where Sylvester tries to retrieve his son, only to get beaten again was cut completely. Also edited in the 1994 version was the part after Sylvester sings the "Pussykins Cat Food" jingle where he gets thrown out the window and hits a tree and the part after the mice throw Sylvester, Sylvester Jr., and the housewife out where the housewife barks, "And it's all your fault, you stupid feline!" and slams her fist on the top of Sylvester's head.

Corn on the Cop (1965)

  • Daffy getting blasted in the face by the robber's gun was cut.

Design for Leaving (1954)

  • Elmer getting hanged by his tie as Daffy tries to mechanically place it on him was replaced with a still shot of Daffy looking off-screen in shock (though Daffy telling the audience that the button he pressed was for the "Alcatraz ascot" wasn't cut).

Devil's Feud Cake (1963)

  • In the original theatrical version that was released back in 1963, The Devil greeted Yosemite Sam with "Well, who in Hell are you?" The televised version (which aired on this network and many others both in America and in other countries) changed the line to, "What the Devil is your name?"

D' Fightin' Ones (1961)

  • The two times the dog punches Sylvester in the beginning were cut.
  • The dog whacking Sylvester with a stop sign to get him to stop running was cut.
  • The whole sequence where the dog and Sylvester try to sneak onto a bus in suitcases, only to flee when they see that the bus they're about to board is going to Sing-Sing Prison was cut.

Dime to Retire (1955)

  • The ending was cut short to remove the final scene of Daffy saying, "A little traveling music, please" and running out of the hotel yelping in pain with his rear-end on fire. ABC's version had an abrupt iris-out after Daffy hung up the "Closed For Repairs" sign following the hotel explosion.

The Dixie Fryer (1960)

  • The part where Elvis accidentally shoots Pappy in the head after Foghorn Leghorn yells, "Fire!" was replaced with a still shot of Foghorn looking offscreen.
  • The part where Foghorn gets his beak shot off during the duel between Pappy and Elvis was cut.
  • Pappy poking Elvis in the eyes was clipped out.

Dog Collared (1950)

  • Porky disguising himself in various costumes was edited to remove him disguising himself as an Indian and a Chinaman (and the scene of Porky as a Chinaman finding out that the dog is mimicking him by slanting his eyes and putting a trashcan on his head). After the first two disguises, the scene fades out and fades in to Porky in his home locking the door.
  • The radio announcer mocking Porky's stutter after Porky says "A thousand a-ble-a-ble-bucks" ("No. Five thousand a-ble-a-ble-bucks") was cut down to "No. Five thousand...bucks!" as ABC's censors felt it was insensitive to those who stutter.
  • The dog attempting suicide by jumping off a bridge was cut.

Don't Give Up the Sheep (1953)

  • The very last segment where Ralph Wolf disguises himself as George, Sam seeing through it and whacking Ralph with a thick stick several times, followed by the real George showing up and continuing the action as Sam leaves for the night was removed, so that the short ends with Ralph being blown up in the pond in the previous attempt.

Double or Mutton (1955)

  • The entirety of Ralph's second plan where he uses some rope tied to a spear as a bridge, only to be sent flying into the horizon when Sam grabs a hold of the spear was removed.
  • The scene where Ralph sends Sam flying on a rocket was edited in two different ways: the original 1988 edit removes Ralph stealing one of the sheep, followed by Sam, having crashed into a tree, bashing him with a club. All one saw was Sam flying away, followed by a sudden cut to the next scene with Ralph disguised as Little Bo Peep. Starting in 1994, this was re-done so that we still see Ralph steal the sheep and get hit, but Sam returning the sheep to the flock and Ralph lying dazed on the ground was removed, fading out after the reveal that Sam crashed into a tree.
  • Starting in 1994, the ending of the Little Bo Peep scene where Ralph is beaten by Sam off-scene was cut. The scene fades after Sam places a hand around Ralph's neck.
  • Sam punching Ralph in the face several times at the end was cut short.

Dough for the Do-Do (1949)

  • The black duck passing by Porky and saying "Mammy!" repeatedly was cut.
  • The three headed creature slapping, punching and eye poking itself was cut.
  • The Do-Do appearing from the Warner Bros. logo and sling shooting Porky into the ground was cut (this cut was done, not only because of slapstick violence, but because ABC at the time was headed by Paramount, which was Warner Bros.' rival).

Drip-Along Daffy (1951)

  • A lot of the opening gags involving the "lawless Western town" were cut, including:
    • Several scenes of characters exchanging gunfire.
    • A cowboy mannequin holding an Indian mannequin at gunpoint, followed by an actual Indian being robbed in a teepee
    • A cowboy getting shot and carted off to "Rigor O'Mortis: The Smiling Undertaker".
  • Nasty Canasta ordering the bartender to make "the usual" (and the bartender pouring the noxious drink) was cut.

Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare (1964)

  • Bugs getting blown up by the exploding cigar after Taz gets blown up by the bomb swaddled in baby blankets was cut.

Dr. Jerkyl's Hide (1954)

  • The brief scene of a scared Sylvester climbing into a trunk to hide from Alfie was removed (out of fear that children will imitate it). The cartoon jumped from Alfie entering the room to him creeping up to the trunk. Contrast with CBS' version, where the trunk part was left in, but not Alfie getting smacked, spat on, and called "Yellow" by Chester after he disappoints him.

Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century (1980)

These edits were done when this segment went from being on the Daffy Duck Thanks-for-Giving TV special to its own short and are also shown on other TV networks (specifically Nickelodeon, The WB, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang) as well as most home media releases:

  • Dodgers telling Marvin he's under arrest.
  • Dodgers referring to several locations in New York City that he’ll miss after Marvin tells him of his plan to blow up the Earth.
  • Porky using a straitjacket gun to capture Marvin the Martian.
  • The ending where Marvin (still wrapped in the straitjacket) aims his missile at Earth and fires it, then tells the viewers that the missile will take three days to reach Earth, giving everyone time to get their affairs in order before everyone gets annihilated (and, like Nickelodeon, ABC cut the end card where Marvin appears in the "That's All Folks!" rings and says, "Don't worry, folks. After all, it's only a cartoon" before his helmet visor slides down in front of his eyes).

Duck! Rabbit, Duck! (1953)

  • All scenes of Daffy getting shot are replaced with still shots of Bugs.

The Duxorcist (1987)

  • Daffy describing the possessed Melissa as a "schizophrenic dame", calling her Sybil, and asking if she can "bring back that older sister of yours" was edited due to ABC's S&P rule about mocking mental illness. The scene was replaced with Daffy saying, "I don't know my own strength" (which also was cut to act as a bandage over the offending scene), which originally played after he kissed Melissa and she starts acting possessed.

8 Ball Bunny (1950)

  • Scenes of the South American natives screaming and panicking at the sight of Humphrey Bogart was replaced with a frozen shot of Bogart's feet after he arrives.

The Fair Haired Hare (1951)

  • After getting trapped in the bear rug, Bugs pounding on its head was clipped out.
  • Yosemite Sam shooting at the bear rug and unintentionally shooting Bugs in the rear, freeing him, was edited out, leaving the viewer to assume Bugs got out as quickly as possible.

Fast and Furry-ous (1949)

  • Wile E. planting dynamite in the road, only for the detonator to blow up on him when he pushes it down was cut.

Feather Dusted (1955)

  • The whole sequence where Foghorn dresses up as an Indian to play with Egghead, and getting blasted in the face with his gun, was wholly cut, going from the prison scene to the pirate scene.

The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)

  • The scene where Henery captures the Barnyard Dawg in a trunk, followed by the dog coming out and getting punched several times by an unaware Foghorn was cut.
  • The aftermath of the Barnyard Dawg's doghouse blowing up, with Foghorn holding the remains of the dynamite and the Dawg scowling at him was cut, jumping from the explosion to the dog already in the process of beating Foghorn.

For Scent-imental Reasons (1949)

  • The whole scene where Penelope locks herself in a glass chamber and Pepe luring her out with a faked suicide was wholly cut. This edit also removes the previous scene of Penelope trying to escape through a closed window.
  • Pepe's dialogue about how he thinks that Penelope's "committing suicide to prove her love for him", but, nevertheless, must prevent it, was cut. It jumped from Penelope getting closer to a window to Pepe dashing to her "rescue".
  • Pepe's line "Vive l'amour. We die together." was trimmed to just "Vive l'amour."

14 Carrot Rabbit (1952)

  • Bugs getting shot in the tail by Yosemite Sam's gun was cut. Contrast with CBS' version, where that scene was left in, but the beginning where Sam shoots at an elderly prospector and tries to steal his gold was cut.

Fowl Weather (1953)

  • The scene where the rooster forces Sylvester to "hatch" a hand grenade was edited, jumping from the rooster asking "Are you sure you're a chicken?" to Sylvester running out of the coop.
  • Sylvester pouring water on his smoking posterior was removed as well for continuity reasons (since the grenade explosion was cut, there's no need to show Sylvester trying to extinguish his flaming butt).

Foxy by Proxy (1952)

  • Starting in 1994, the fat hunting dog clipping Bugs' tail off and running with it was cut.

A Fractured Leghorn (1950)

  • The cat trying to get the worm out of a tractor by blowing on the exhaust pipe, only for Foghorn to start the tractor and give the cat a taste of exhaust fumes was cut.
  • The cat grabbing an axe, only for Foghorn to swipe it from him and clunk him on the head with the blunt side was cut.

French Rarebit (1951)

  • The scene where the two chefs clobber each other with cookery was shortened.
  • Bugs inserting a dynamite stick into a carrot while preparing his "meal" was cut.

Freudy Cat (1964)

  • The clip from "The Slap-Hoppy Mouse" where Sylvester tries multiple times to load a rifle "frontier style", and getting blasted all the way, was removed.

Fright Before Christmas (1979)

  • The scene of Bugs reading off his nephew's Christmas list to Taz (dressed as Santa Claus) was cut to remove Taz getting sick from eating Christmas tree bulbs and getting electrocuted by the string of Christmas tree lights.

From Hare to Heir (1960)

  • The part at the end where Yosemite Sam shows Bugs that he "...don't get mad no more" and lets his servants kick him, hit him in the head, and slam a pie in his face (before Bugs asides to the audience that he doesn't have the heart to tell Sam that he lost all his money) was shortened.

Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z (1956)

  • The whole sequence where Wile E. fires a bullet at the Road Runner, only for the bullet to collapse when the Road Runner speeds off, and blow up in Wile E.'s face when he picks it up, was cut.
  • The scene where Wile E. uses a spring to launch a dynamite stick at the Road Runner was edited. The scene faded out after Wile E. crashed into the rock wall, and not shown was the dynamite recoiling into the hole Wile E. made and exploding.

Gift Wrapped (1952)

  • Sylvester getting beaten by Granny's broom was severely shortened.
  • A blackened Sylvester staggering down the stairs after being blown up by the dynamite Tweety put in his bird cage was cut.
  • The Hopalong Cassidy/Indian scene was also cut.

Golden Yeggs (1950)

  • Daffy getting shot in the head by Rocky was replaced with an early shot of Rocky's thugs sitting at a table.

Goldimouse and the Three Cats (1960)

  • Sylvester getting pounded by Goldimouse with a mallet was edited. Placed over it was a still of Jr. observing the scene.

Gopher Broke (1958)

  • The Barnyard Dawg swallowing sleeping pills was removed, so that the Dawg is shown holding the pill box, but not ingesting anything (which makes no sense, as it abruptly goes to him feeling relieved and sleeping).

The Grey Hounded Hare (1949)

  • Bugs "playing fetch" with the dog with a stick of dynamite was edited so that it seemed that the explosion was caused by the dog falling from the sky in the previous scene. As such, there's no explanation as to why there's a large crater, the dog is blackened, and there's bits of dynamite in his mouth.

Half-Fare Hare (1956)

  • Bugs getting hanged by his scarf on the boxcar wall by Norton was removed. Unlike CBS' version, ABC's version also cut Norton offering to hang Bugs' scarf so as not to make it so obvious that a scene is missing.
  • Ralph shoving Norton's face into the boiling pot, leaving his nose bright red, was cut.

Hare-abian Nights (1959)

  • The clip from "Water, Water Every Hare", where Bugs gives Gossamer a dynamite hair roller that blows the top of his head off was removed (though this scene is left alone when "Water, Water Every Hare" was shown on the same show).

Hare Brush (1955)

  • The establishing shot of the mental hospital with the sign that reads, "The Fruit Cake Sanitarium - It's Full of Nuts" is cut (due to ABC's rule against mocking the mentally ill), with a fade in to Elmer in the establishment.
  • Elmer plugging Bugs' rifle with his finger, making the gun backfire in Bugs' face, is cut.
  • The entire scene where Bugs and Elmer chase each other in a pond was cut due to scenes such as Bugs landing chin first on a rock as he dives in and shooting Elmer's rear.

Hare Do (1949)

  • Elmer strangling Bugs, who is disguised as an old lady, is cut down to Bugs as an old woman yelling "Oh no, you don't" and then "Usher! This man's annoying me!"
  • The part where Bugs keeps turning the intermission switch off and on to trample Elmer was cut to remove the part where the patrons smoke in the lobby, creating a large cloud.

Hare-Less Wolf (1958)

Like "Hare Trimmed", this short was severely edited for violence when aired on ABC, with the following parts cut:

  • Charles whispering to the audience that he hates his wife, followed by his wife throwing a skillet at him from off-scene, was cut.
  • Bugs testing Charles' "faulty" gun by throwing a can in the air, and blasting him in the face when the can drops down was cut entirely.
  • Charles trying to use a grenade against Bugs, but too slowly reads the instructions after pulling the pin and, therefore, getting blown up, was also cut entirely.
  • Bugs lighting a long fuse, which Charles follows to a TNT canister that blows up when he reaches it was cut.

Hare Splitter (1948)

  • The scene where Bugs dons a pair of glasses and tells Casbah "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses on, would ya?", with Casbah punching Bugs in the face (and breaking the glasses) as a response, was cut.

Hare Trimmed (1953)

ABC's most frequently-played Warner Bros short was also one of the most severely-edited, with the following parts affected:

  • The scene where Bugs, disguised as Granny, asks Yosemite Sam how many lumps he wants in his coffee, and when he responds "Make it two.", he mallets him twice, was edited out. This edit also removes the real Granny helping Sam to his feet after the piano scene and being scared into her room by Sam a little later. It cuts from Sam getting flattened by the piano to Granny running up the stairs.
  • Sam exclaiming "Great horny toads!" after realizing his blunder is cut.
  • The two times Sam gets shot by Granny's rifle are clipped out.
  • Bugs again tricking Sam with the "lumps" gag and clonking him twice more is edited out.

Hare We Go (1951)

  • King Ferdinand of Spain II hitting Christopher Columbus on the head with a mallet was cut.

Heir-Conditioned (1955)

  • A cat getting an iron thrown into his face when he tries to communicate with another cat was removed. A fade out occurs when the cat jumps down from Tweety's bird cage.

High Diving Hare (1949)

  • Sam angrily shaking Bugs by the neck was cut.
  • Bugs trying to get out of doing the high diving act by saying he gets "goosebumps on his goosebumps" was removed.
  • Bugs disguising himself as an Indian to lure Sam off the diving board again was cut.

Hillbilly Hare (1950)

This cartoon saw major editing when aired on ABC due to violent content. The following scenes were edited:

  • The scene where Bugs mistakes Hillbilly #1's gun for a camera and has his carrot shot full of holes was cut.
  • The scene where Hillbilly #1 unties his rifle barrel, gets blasted in the face, was cut.
  • The scene where Bugs meets up with Hillbilly #2, and Bugs reverses the gun barrel so that the second hillbilly is blown up was cut.
  • The aftermath of the explosion in the dynamite shack sequence where Hillbilly #1 comes out with Bugs' lit lighter and says, "I think y'all are usin' too strong a fluid!" was also cut.[1]
  • The line during the square-dance ending that goes: Grab a fence post/Hold it tight/Whomp yer partner/Wit' all yer might/Hit 'im in the shin/Hit 'im in the head/Hit 'im again/The critter ain't dead/Whomp 'im low and whomp 'im high/Stick yer finger in his eye/Pretty l'il rhythm/Pretty l'il sound/Bang yer head against the ground (and the ensuing comic violence that follows) was also cut.

His Hare-Raising Tale (1951)

  • The clip from "Rabbit Punch" where Bugs sling shoots a giant boulder into The Crusher was cut.

The Hole Idea (1955)

  • A newsreel depicting the portable hole being used to get a baby out of a locked safe was clipped out.

Holiday for Drumsticks (1949)

  • The scene where Ma and Pa's neighbor fires his rifle at them, followed by Pa firing his gun back at him, is removed.
  • Daffy trying to lose weight in the reducing machine, only for Pa to shoot a hole through it, making it shrink on Daffy's neck, was cut.

Home Tweet Home (1950)

  • Tweety spanking Sylvester's backside with a plank was clipped out.

Homeless Hare (1950)

  • Bugs dropping a brick on the construction worker's face was slightly edited to trim out the actual shot of the brick on his face.

Hook, Line and Stinker (1958)

  • The scene of Wile E. placing the Road Runner in a bucket with dynamite inside it, only to become so confused as to how he escaped that he's blown up, is cut.
  • The whole scene where Wile. E tries to place dynamite under a bridge, only for it to roll back to him via its coils, thus blowing him up again, is cut.

Hopalong Casualty (1960)

  • Wile E. getting entangled in a fishing pole on a cactus that has dynamite on the fishing hook was edited. All one saw was the dynamite being caught in the cactus, followed by the explosion, making it seem like, for once, Wile E. isn't caught in the blast.
  • Wile E. ingesting all of the earthquake pills at once was clipped out.

Hoppy Daze (1961)

  • The whole scene where Sylvester traps Hippety in a crate and slips dynamite into it, only for Hippety to create holes in the crate and unleash more dynamite on Sylvester was cut.

Hoppy Go Lucky (1952)

  • The very end showing the aftermath of the explosion inside the sack Sylvester was holding was removed, so now the cartoon abruptly ends after the blast.

Hot Cross Bunny (1948)

  • The scene where Bugs, the doctor, and the chicken all receive an electric shock was spliced out.

Hot-Rod and Reel! (1959)

  • The scene where Wile E. uses a camera with a gun fitted inside to blast the Road Runner was cut wholly.
  • Wile E. lighting the fuses on his unicycle is trimmed away.

Hyde and Go Tweet (1960)

  • Sylvester's line "I'll jump! I've got a choice?!" was removed due to its suicidal implications.

The Hypo-Chondri-Cat (1950)

  • A scene of Hubie slapping Bertie multiple times was shortened.

I Was a Teenage Thumb (1963)

  • Starting in 1998, the king's line "Morty, you ass! This fish is full of people!" is edited to remove "you ass" for profanity.

The Jet Cage (1962)

  • The scene of Sylvester trying to use a Nike rocket to blast down Tweety's flying cage, only for the rocket to go off course and blow him up while he's hiding in a barrel, is wholly cut.

Jumpin' Jupiter (1955)

  • The scene of Porky mistaking the alien for an Indian is trimmed to remove the references to "rugs and trinkets" and Porky calling it "a friendly Navajo".

Kiss Me Cat (1953)

  • The scene where Marc Anthony gets spanked by his master with a newspaper to the point that his butt turns red is cut. The scene faded out on the shot of Marc Anthony grinning nervously as he shoves cheese into the mousehole.

Kit for Cat (1948)

  • The entire scene of Sylvester hypnotizing the kitten to whack Elmer on the head with a bat, but the kitten instead hits the former, awakening Elmer, and him kicking Sylvester down the stairs was cut.
  • Sylvester plugging his finger into a constantly firing shotgun (and getting several painful blasts) was shortened.

Knights Must Fall (1949)

  • Bugs stepping on a lever, lifting the top of the Black Knight's helmet, then hitting the Black Knight on the head with a hammer, was removed.

The Last Hungry Cat (1961)

  • The part after Sylvester tries to get some sleep where Sylvester ingests a bottle of sleeping pills (while rubbing some under his arms and on his head), was cut. It should be noted that the previous scene of drug abuse (Sylvester chain-smoking and drinking coffee to keep from going to sleep) was not edited on ABC.
  • Granny hitting Sylvester with her broom was shortened.

The Leghorn Blows at Midnight (1950)

  • Many scenes of the Barnyard Dawg getting strangled by his rope are removed.
  • The fight between Foghorn and the Barnyard Dawg at the end was edited. Some of the violence was replaced with footage of Henery cheering them on.

Leghorn Swoggled (1951)

  • When Foghorn gets strangled by Henery's lasso, his line "I've lost my voice! I can't sing! It's like being choked on a rope!" was cut down to just "I've lost my voice!"
  • The scene of Foghorn Leghorn spanking Barnyard Dawg and making him chase him up a ladder and onto a pull-up bar, where Barnyard Dawg swings from his rope and gets his underside repeatedly painted was cut. The scene fades out after Foghorn Leghorn spanks him and runs.

Lickety-Splat (1961)

  • Most of the scenes involving the dynamite darts were cut.

Lighthouse Mouse (1955)

  • The part where Sylvester catches the mouse in an elevator and the elevator door opens and closes, alternately showing Sylvester beating up the mouse and Hippety Hopper beating up Sylvester was cut.

Little Boy Boo (1954)

  • Egghead hitting Foghorn on the head with a baseball bat was clipped out.

Long-Haired Hare (1949)

  • The entire scene where Bugs disguises himself as a fan of Giovanni asking for an autograph, and handing him a dynamite stick to write with, was cut entirely.

Lumber Jerks (1955)

  • The scene of one of the Goofy Gophers siphoning gasoline out of the furniture delivery truck and getting sick after swallowing some by mistake was cut.

Martian Through Georgia (1962)

  • The part where the Martian considers suicide by pointing his space gun to his head after the narrator says, "Commit suicide? Why not? If nobody loves you," was spliced out.

Mississippi Hare (1949)

  • The scene where Colonel Shuffle is the victim of an exploding cigar, gets blackfaced and ends up performing "Camptown Races" with Bugs was cut, followed by the scene where he arrives back on the boat after falling off and shoots water from his gun.
  • Colonel Shuffle nearly shooting himself after Bugs tricks him into thinking the gun is filled with water again was clipped out.
  • Bugs whacking Shuffle with an umbrella several times was shortened.

Mouse and Garden (1960)

  • The sequence of Sam the Cat replacing the captured mouse under Sylvester's foot with a stick of dynamite, Sylvester swallowing the dynamite, and the requisite explosion occurring was cut.

A Mouse Divided (1953)

  • The opening scene with the drunk stork leaving the Stork Club was removed. The cartoon now begins at the house.
  • The stork landing in the town and stumbling towards the house was cut.
  • The shot of the stork walking away and hiccupping multiple times was clipped out.

Mouse-Taken Identity (1957)

  • The scene of Sylvester getting caught in the lion's head was edited to remove Sylvester Jr. clubbing him then blasting him in the rear end with a gun to get him out.
  • The entire chase through the Native American exhibit, ending with Sylvester getting scalped by Hippety dressed as an Indian, was cut wholly.

Mouse-Warming (1952)

  • The whole scene where Alice Mouse's father shoots Claude in the face was cut, as is the immediate next scene of Claude licking the soot off of his face.

Mouse Wreckers (1949)

  • Starting in 1994, the scene where Bertie whacks Claude on the head with a piece of wood was removed.
  • The entire scene where Bertie sneaks a firecracker into Claude's pillow was cut.

Muscle Tussle (1953)

  • The big, muscular duck pounding Daffy's head into his shirt was cut.

Mutiny on the Bunny (1950)

  • Starting in 1994, a small scene of Sam clubbing Bugs on the head as he bids farewell to the town was clipped out.
  • A small scene of Sam pointing his gun into Bugs' face was clipped out.

A Mutt in a Rut (1959)

  • The part where Rover tries to blow up Elmer with some buried dynamite, only to get blown up when he unwittingly connects two disconnected wires on the detonator was cut entirely.

Muzzle Tough (1954)

  • Granny shooting Sylvester with a gun (who is hiding underneath a bearskin rug) was edited out.
  • The lamp scene was cut to remove Tweety sticking Sylvester's tail into an electrical socket, jolting him, and then running out to have Hector chomp on his tail and get shocked as well.

My Little Duckaroo (1954)

  • Nasty Canasta rolling a cigarette with his tongue was clipped out.
  • Daffy disguising himself as The Freesco Keed and subsequently getting tangled in his whip was removed.
  • Nasty Canasta shoving a gun in Daffy's mouth during their poker game was cut. The poker scene now fades out after Daffy says "Nice cut." in response to Canasta literally cutting the cards.
  • Daffy spinning his gun and accidentally shooting himself in the head was replaced with a still shot of Porky peering in.
  • Starting in 1994, Nasty Canasta punching Daffy in the face was removed.

Napoleon Bunny-Part (1956)

  • In the mid-1980s, the CBS Saturday morning show The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse caught heat from media watchdog groups when the episode "The Littlest Tramp" showed a scene where Mighty Mouse inhales the crushed pieces of a flower he got from Polly Pineblossom and the flower dust went up his nose like cocaine. Because of the controversy, ABC in the mid-to-late 1980s temporarily censored the scene where Napoleon inhales some snuff and Bugs does the same thing, only to sneeze all over Napoleon's map. The scene was reinstated in the 1990s.

No Barking (1954)

  • The entire scene of Claude emerging from under the manhole cover that has flattened him and is so startled by Frisky's barking outburst that he jumps into the path of a speeding elevated train was cut. There is a fade out after Frisky runs away from the crushed Claude.

No Parking Hare (1954)

  • The scene where the construction worker tries to saw through Bugs' dwelling and ends up getting zapped with electricity when his circular saw hits a fuse box was cut.
  • The worker flying over the hole with a helicopter, dropping a bomb as Bugs rises from his bed to turn the page of his sheet music, and gets blown up after the bomb bounces back to the helicopter off Bugs' bed was cut.
  • The construction worker building a scaffolding made of pipes, climbs to the top of Bugs' hole with a stick of dynamite, and tries to light it, only to be beaten by Bugs who blows a match that detonates the dynamite stick and sends the scaffolding (and the construction worker) crashing down was cut.

Of Rice and Hen (1953)

  • The entire scene of Foghorn trying to slip a lit dynamite stick into the doghouse, but Barnyard Dawg gets wise and puts his doghouse on Foghorn was removed.
  • The fight between Foghorn and Barnyard Dawg (dressed as a rooster trying to seduce Prissy) was cut to remove most of the punches and the part where Foghorn steps on Barnyard's stomach as he and Prissy rush to the chapel to get married.

One Froggy Evening (1955)

  • The scene where the man tries to attract patrons to his theater to hear Michigan J. Frog sing cuts the part where the man's "FREE BEER" sign draws in a crowd, making it look like his "FREE ADMISSION" sign is what did it.

Person to Bunny (1960)

  • The aftermath of Bugs plugging Elmer's gun, causing it to backfire on him, was cut.
  • The whole scene of Bugs convincing Daffy that Elmer's rifle is a camera, and Daffy getting shot was removed.

Piker's Peak (1957)

  • The St. Bernard saving Sam from the avalanche was edited to remove the dog mixing a martini for himself to drink.

Pizzicato Pussycat (1955)

  • Starting in 1994, the scene where the mouse emerges from under a cymbal and impersonates a Chinaman was removed.

Porky Chops (1949)

  • The squirrel sticking his fingers into Porky's eyes was clipped out.
  • The entire scene where Porky shoots the branch he was standing on and falling when the squirrel hands him a fruit basket was wholly cut.

Pre-Hysterical Hare (1958)

  • Elmer Fuddstone shooting himself was edited. Placed over it was a shot of the Sabre-toothed Rabbit covering his eyes.
  • The present day Elmer shooting himself was clipped out entirely.

Prince Violent (1961)

  • The title was changed to "Prince Varmint".
  • The part where Bugs pulls up the drawbridge and leaves Yosemite Sam stranded on the castle's doorstep with a pile of dynamite by cut by replacing the scene with a repeat shot of Sam running away from the explosion, in spite of the part where Sam runs in burned up being left alone.

Rabbit Fire (1951)

  • All scenes of Daffy getting shot are replaced with stills of Bugs.

Rabbit Hood (1949)

  • The Sheriff of Nottingham striking his head with a hammer several times was removed, fading out when he growls angrily after realizing he was duped into building a house in the King's garden.
  • Bugs bashing the Sheriff over the head several times with a scepter was drastically shortened.

Rabbit of Seville (1950)

  • Some of Elmer's gunshots at the start were muted.
  • Starting in 1994, the scene of Bugs slashing Elmer's face with a razor was edited. Placed over it is a cropped shot of Bugs grimacing (from the part where he holds up the mirror).
  • Elmer attempting to shoot at Bugs with his tied gun was clipped out. There was a sudden jump from Bugs thrusting backward to Elmer flying back into the chair.

Rabbit Seasoning (1952)

  • All scenes of Daffy getting shot are replaced with stills of Bugs.

Ready.. Set.. Zoom! (1955)

  • The scene where Wile E. spreads glue across the road and readies to lob a lit dynamite stick at the Road Runner, but instead, the Road Runner runs so fast that he splashes the glue over Wile E., leaving Wile E. stuck to the dynamite and caught in the ensuing explosion was cut entirely.
  • The scene where Wile E. uses a lasso with lit sticks of dynamite tied to it, and the dynamite explodes before he can throw the lasso was cut.

Ready, Woolen and Able (1960)

Starting in 1994, two scenes were cut:

  • Ralph attempting to propel a stick of dynamite towards Sam, only for it to merely roll towards him and blow up, was cut.
  • The parachute scene fades out after Ralph is punched out by Sam. The part where Ralph goes off the cliff and prays as he falls was removed.

Red Riding Hoodwinked (1955)

  • The wolf beating Sylvester on the head with a bucket was cut short.

Riff Raffy Daffy (1948)

  • Daffy advancing on Porky, getting him to back into (and fall down) an empty elevator shaft was removed.
  • Daffy stealing some fireworks and lighting them while trapped in the hammock was cut, making Porky blast off for seemingly no reason.

Robot Rabbit (1953)

  • The scene where the robot mistakes both a mule and Elmer mimicking a rabbit for Bugs and blasting the two of them with his laser gun was cut entirely.

Roman Legion-Hare (1955)

  • The part where Yosemite Sam beats the lion ("How many times do I have to") before realizing that there are no cage bars separating him from the lion had the beatings shortened from eight to two.

Sahara Hare (1955)

  • The first scene of Yosemite Sam whacking his camel on the head with his gun was cut entirely.
  • The second time this happened was edited differently; whilst the off-screen impact was retained, the aftermath with the camel lying on the ground and Sam yelling at it was clipped out.

The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950)

  • Daffy acting out the suicide of The Scarlet Pumpernickel cut the scene of Daffy shooting himself in the head and replaced it with a still shot of J.L.'s office door.

Scrambled Aches (1957)

  • Wile E. attempting to use some dynamite on a rope to trap the Road Runner was cut.

Scaredy Cat (1948)

  • The scene of Sylvester threatening to shoot himself to get Porky to take him into bed was removed.
  • The scene where one of the mice attempts to shoot Porky, but he bends over and unknowingly avoids getting killed, was also cut.

Scent-imental Romeo (1951)

  • Penelope clobbering Pepe with a club was shortened (though the scene of Penelope whacking Pepe with a mallet before fleeing into the Tunnel of Love ride wasn't cut).
    • It should be noted that the scene of Pepe serving champagne to Penelope and Penelope trying to escape the romantic dinner Pepe had set up wasn't cut, despite that "The Cats Bah" was edited on ABC for showing champagne (coincidentally, Cartoon Network and Boomerang did an inverse of this: "Scent-imental Romeo" was edited for showing champagne, but "The Cats Bah" wasn't).

Sheep Ahoy (1954)

  • Sam punching Ralph near the end was clipped out (though Fred punching George wasn't cut).
  • Starting in 1998, the smokescreen scene was now edited to remove Sam slipping a dynamite stick into it, making it seem that the smokescreen itself blew up.

A Sheep in the Deep (1962)

  • The entirety of Ralph's second plan, in which he tries to grab a sheep with some rope, only for Sam to catch on and punch him into a tree stump, was omitted.
  • Starting in 1994, the whole sequence where the two break for lunch (which includes them smoking tobacco) and resume with Sam dropping Ralph down a cliff was removed.

Show Biz Bugs (1957)

  • Daffy drinking gasoline during his death-defying final act was cut, making it look like the first chemical he drinks is nitroglycerine.

The Slap-Hoppy Mouse (1956)

  • The whole sequence in which Sylvester repeatedly attempts to load a rifle "frontier-style" (and gets blasted multiple times) was cut.

Sock a Doodle Do (1952)

  • The Barnyard Dawg tricking Foghorn into looking through a pipe to see a "genuine flying saucer" and launching a plate at him, then hitting him twice with a mallet after asking him how many lumps he wants, was deleted entirely.
  • The aftermath of the Dawg getting blown up by an exploding cigar was deleted, fading out after Foghorn walks away.

Stop! Look! And Hasten! (1954)

  • The part where Wile E. Coyote puts dynamite under the road and gets blown up when the detonator gets pressed up against a stone was cut.

A Street Cat Named Sylvester (1953)

  • The end where Sylvester is laid up with injuries had the scene of Hector bashing Sylvester's broken foot replaced with Tweety mixing additional medicines in Sylvester's bottle (which also had to be shortened due to fears of imitability). Unlike Nickelodeon, however, ABC left in Tweety's line about how Sylvester will be in a "...pwedicament when that medicine starts to work."

Stupor Duck (1956)

  • The part after Stupor Duck saves the skyscraper from falling where the construction worker punches him in the face was cut.

This Is a Life? (1955)

  • Granny hitting Daffy with her umbrella to keep him from ranting about not being chosen for "This is a Life?" was cut.
  • Daffy shouting, "Throw him out! Throw him out!" during the show was edited to remove Granny hitting him with her umbrella again.
  • Most of the scenes of Sam getting shot by cannons in the "Buccaneer Bunny" clip were trimmed out.
  • Elmer and Sam placing a bomb in the gift package before giving it to Bugs was clipped out.
  • Daffy returning on stage after foolishly taking the package for himself (and getting blown up by it) and growling, "You're despicable!" to Bugs was removed.

Three Little Bops (1957)

  • A small scene of the wolf peeking into the House of Bricks and getting punched in the snout by the bouncer was cut.

Tired and Feathered (1965)

  • The very ending with a blackened Wile E. standing in the rigged telephone booth was removed. The cartoon now fades for closure during the blast.

To Hare Is Human (1956)

  • Wile E. looking into his sack and being blasted in the face by the detonating TNT inside of the sack was cut.
  • Wile E. suffering another dynamite explosion in his portable elevator was removed. A fade out occurred after Bugs uses the elevator.
  • Two hand grenades dropped by Wile E. into Bugs' toaster popping prematurely into a position beside Wile E. and exploding there was cut entirely.
  • The lit dynamite stick that Wile E. placed in Bugs' vacuum cleaner exploding in the trash can where Wile E. is hiding and into which Bugs dumped the contents of his vacuum cleaner bag was also cut entirely.

Too Hop to Handle (1956)

  • The sequence of Hippety Hopper escaping from the zoo was cut to remove Hippety Hopper jumping on a nurse's backside and the woman beating a man with an umbrella because she thinks he touched her inappropriately.

Transylvania 6-5000 (1963)

  • Bugs' tunneling was cut because it coincided with the opening credits.
  • The part where Bugs rings the castle bell was edited due to the presence of a noose.
  • Count Bloodcount's line, "Oh, no, it's never too late. Come in" was simply cut down to "Oh, no. Come in".
  • The sequence where Count Bloodcount escorts Bugs through the castle had Bugs' comments on all the ghostly objects (including Bugs' line that the castle would be "a wonderful place for a vacation") muted.

Tree Cornered Tweety (1956)

  • Sylvester skiing into a tree was replaced with footage of Tweety running from him, though viewers can still hear the impact sound and the edit makes it obvious that the offending scene happened.
  • The entire minefield sequence was cut.

Tree for Two (1952)

Starting in 1994, two scenes were cut:

  • Spike kicking a semi-conscious Sylvester to his feet was clipped out.
  • Chester pummelling Sylvester towards the end was replaced with a still of Spike peeking from behind a building.

Trip for Tat (1960)

Starting in 1994, two scenes considered racially offensive were edited:

  • The Japan sequence fades out as Sylvester falls through the bridge. The part where he falls into the boat of a stereotypical Japanese fisherman was gone.
  • The end where Sylvester tells the audience in a fake Italian accent that "Pussycats should eat-a da spaghetta. It-a make-a you nice and fat," and slurps down a bowlful of spaghetti is cut with a fake iris-out after Sylvester declares that "birds are off his list."

Tweety's Circus (1955)

  • The part where Sylvester beats the lion with a mallet had the beatings cut from six to one.
  • The part where Sylvester hides from the lion by impersonating Flammo the fire-eater (by swallowing a flaming sword) was cut. As soon as the lion walked past the stand, there was a jump to Sylvester hiding in the water tub.

Tweety's S.O.S. (1951)

  • Granny trying to strike Sylvester with her umbrella was shortened.
  • The part where Sylvester runs inside the ship's furnace during his chase with Tweety and jumps out the smokestack with his rear end on fire was wholly cut.
  • The scene of Tweety triggering Sylvester's seasickness with a painting of a ship on rough waters was also cut.

Tweet Tweet Tweety (1951)

  • The aftermath of the dynamite explosion to Sylvester's face was clipped out.
  • Due to the above edit, the scene of Tweety sawing off the branch that Sylvester is on, causing him to fall to the ground was removed, as Sylvester's face fur is still razzed off.
  • Tweety's line "Atta boy, officer! Give him a hit in the head!" was cut down to just "Atta boy, officer!" This edit also removes the offscreen smack that Sylvester gets.

Tweet and Lovely (1959)

  • Spike bashing Sylvester against the wall and Tweety twice encouraging him to bash him more was shortened.

Tweet Dreams (1959)

  • The clip from "Tweety's Circus" was edited to remove the elephant slamming Sylvester into the ground several times.
  • The clip from "Gift Wrapped" clipped out the gunshot from Tweety's gun into Sylvester's face. Placed over it was the scene of Sylvester falling down the tree.

Tweety and the Beanstalk (1957)

  • Starting in 1995, the end where Sylvester ends up in China after the giant falls on him was cut to remove the appearance of a Chinese Tweety ("Aw, I tawt I taw dishonorable pussycat!").

Two's a Crowd (1950)

Two edited versions have been shown on the show. They are:

  • When it was first shown in 1988, the scene with Claude being put into a washing machine and coming out as a wet ball of fluff was cut. The scene was left uncut starting in 1990. From 1990 to 1993, the cartoon was shown uncut.
  • In 1994, however, two new scenes were cut: one scene in which Claude uses a string of sausage links to lure Frisky to a line of lit dynamite sticks, Claude getting caught in the explosion, and Frisky startling Claude into ramming into a light fixture, and another near the end of Claude Cat trying to suck Frisky Puppy out of the heating vent with a plunger, only to suck out the hot coals from the furnace and cause the coals to rain all over the living room (with Claude's master getting so mad at him for it that he throws him out).

The Unexpected Pest (1956)

  • The scene of Sylvester trying to save the mouse from attempting suicide by having a clothes iron fall on his head, only for Sylvester to get hit instead was cut.

Upswept Hare (1953)

  • All scenes where Elmer shoots at Bugs and misses were clipped out.
  • The entire shooting test scene, which ends with Bugs missing the apple and blasting Elmer, to the former's disgust, was wholly cut.
  • Starting in 1994, the scene of Elmer's muscular neighbor wrapping a barbell around the former's head was cut.

War and Pieces (1964)

  • An early scene where a hand grenade ricochets back to Wile and blows him up was spliced out.
  • The sequence where Wile E. Coyote disguises a double-barrel shotgun as a peep show (called "Secrets of a Harem") and ends up getting shot was cut entirely.

Wet Hare (1962)

  • The sequence where Jacque points his gun at Bugs was cut.
  • After Bugs directs a stick of dynamite on a tiny raft toward Blacque Jacque's dam and Jacque captures the dynamite in a net and carries it off camera where the explosion occurs, Jacque staggers into view, his features and clothes indicating that he was directly caught in the dynamite detonation. The aftermath was cut.

What's Up Doc? (1950)

  • A slightly risqué joke between Elmer and Bugs (Elmer: "Hey, pinhead! You know how to make antifweeze?" Bugs: "Yeah. Hide her nightgown!") and the part where Elmer holds a rifle to Bugs' mouth after Bugs upstages him was cut entirely. There was a jump from Bugs stating he'll make changes to the performance to Bugs asking "Eh, what's up doc?" with Elmer's gun in his face, with no explanation of what caused it.

Who's Kitten Who? (1952)

  • All scenes of Hippety kicking Sylvester in the head and face were shortened.

Whoa, Be-Gone! (1958)

  • Wile E. Coyote getting electrocuted by the wire on which he was trying to balance his wheel-head was cut. The scene faded to black right before the wire lands on the power lines.
  • Wile E. Coyote trying to drop a barrel rimmed with dynamite on the Road Runner, only to have the barrel crash on top of him was removed. The edit made it appear that the barrel exploded before it could fall on Wile E. Coyote.

Wideo Wabbit (1956)

  • A dynamite gag during the Liberace sequence where dynamite sticks are substituted for candles was edited to remove the explosion.
  • A gun gag that leaves silhouettes in the wall behind Bugs was clipped out.
  • The "Custer's Last Stand" sequence was edited to remove the shot of Elmer with arrows in his back and a tomahawk in his head.

It should be noted that ABC did not edit the infamous scene of Elmer appearing on the You Bet Your Life parody show, You Beat Your Wife. However, "Wideo Wabbit" stopped playing on the network after 1992, possibly because of this scene.

Wise Quackers (1949)

  • The scene of Daffy putting on a gray wig and acting like an Uncle Tom after telling Elmer that he'll be a slave to him was cut.
  • Elmer getting beaned on the head with a hammer after his neighbor's house gets wrecked by the tree he was cutting down was clipped out.

Yankee Doodle Bugs (1954)

  • Bugs telling the story of how the Dutch sold Manhattan back to the Native Americans for a song was edited to remove the Indian chief taking the sheet music and running off, proclaiming "Me rich Superchief!" A fade out occurred during the close-up of the sheet music (Compare with the WB's version and Cartoon Network's version, where the entire scene was removed and there's a fake fade-out after viewers see the Statue of Liberty turn into a little girl).

Zip 'n Snort (1961)

  • The scene of Wile E. getting shocked after his magnet on a fishing line attracts to a power line was shortened.

Zipping Along (1953)

  • The whole sequence where Wile E. attempts to shoot the Road Runner with a row of rifles (only to get blasted himself) was deleted.

Zoom and Bored (1957)

  • The entire brick wall sequence was removed due to the scene of Wile E. throwing a firecracker to his own rear, which he thought was a doppelganger.
  • The sequence were Wile E. attempts to light a bomb, only for it to explode as soon as the match touches the fuse, was also cut.

CBS Censorship

Ant Pasted (1953)

  • Elmer's wristwatch falling apart after a bomb explodes in his hand was cut. There was an abrupt jump from the explosion to the next scene.

Aqua Duck (1963)

  • The scene where Daffy threatens the pack rat by pointing a gun at him was removed.

The Astroduck (1965)

  • Each of the explosions were edited to remove Daffy's defeathered appearance after them.

Assault and Peppered (1965)

  • The scene where Daffy cracks his whip so severely at a mouse that the latter's sombrero splits in half was cut.

Barbary-Coast Bunny (1956)

  • Nasty Canasta shooting himself in the face after Bugs somehow gets Canasta's gun to dispense gold coins was cut. There's a sudden jump from Canasta watching Bugs walk off with his fortune to Bugs stating the closing remark.

Beanstalk Bunny (1955)

  • Elmer attempting to smoke Bugs and Daffy out of his head was cut.

Bill of Hare (1962)

  • The cauldron scene kept the eye poking that ABC cut, but cut the very next part where Taz gets his hand caught in a mousetrap.
  • The dynamite shish kebab scene was also edited, but a bit more competently than ABC's version. This version keeps in Bugs playing the violin and Taz eating it, but it then cut to Taz bouncing around from the kebab explosion, making it seem that the violin was to blame.

A Bird in a Guilty Cage (1952)

  • The dollhouse scene merely cut out the scene of Sylvester dunking his finger into yellow paint, mistaking his finger for Tweety, and blasting it off with a revolver (as opposed to ABC cutting the entire scene).

Bugs' Bonnets (1956)

  • The scene of Bugs smoking while as a mobster was shortened just like ABC's version (though CBS left in the "game warden/Pilgrim and Indian" part that ABC and Cartoon Network cut, the General MacArthur pipe smoking part that was temporarily cut on Cartoon Network, and the spoken references to violence and scene of bribery that were cut on The WB).

Bully for Bugs (1953)

  • The ending was also edited, but much differently than ABC's; CBS showed the bull getting lobbed with glue and sandpaper, but cut the match and TNT blast. Oddly, the shot of the bull looking dazed from the blast was not cut.

Canned Feud (1951)

  • The scene of Sylvester using a coat hanger to capture the mouse, only for the mouse to snag it on a power wire which, in turn, shocks the former severely, merely cuts out the electrocution, making it really obvious that something's missing.

Cats A-weigh! (1953)

  • The mouse running into the crate filled with super-strength vitamins and coming out super strong was cut, making it inexplicable as to how the mouse got strong enough to beat up Sylvester.

Cheese It, the Cat! (1957)

  • Ralph and Norton slamming a door on the cat, flatting him into a table shape, was cut.
  • The whole scene of Norton forcing the cat through the garbage disposal (and the cat sadly picking his shaved fur out of the drain) was cut.

Chili Weather (1963)

  • Speedy narrowly avoiding several chopping mechanisms was cut, but Sylvester getting his fur shaved off from them was kept in.

Claws for Alarm (1954)

  • Like ABC, the scene where Sylvester plugs his finger into a gun which results in the bullet blasting through his body was spliced out. Unlike ABC, all the noose gags were left alone.

Curtain Razor (1949)

  • The title was changed to "Show Stoppers" as the CBS censors deemed it too violent. Surprisingly, the cartoon was shown uncut (the Al Jolson duck begging for his "Mammy" was left in, as was the wolf drinking gasoline, TNT, and atomic powder as part of his death-defying act).

Daffy Rents (1966)

  • The scene where Daffy gets zapped after grabbing an electrical wire was spliced out.

Devil's Feud Cake (1963)

  • In the original theatrical version that was released back in 1963, The Devil greeted Yosemite Sam with "Well, who in Hell are you?" The televised version (which aired on this network and many others both in America and in other countries) changed the line to, "What the Devil is your name?"

Devil May Hare (1954)

  • Bugs using a slingshot to burst the giant bubble Taz hiccupped was clipped, making it seem that the bubble popped on its own.

Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare (1964)

  • The exercise belt scene was edited to remove Bugs feeding Taz a spoonful of nitroglycerin, making it seem like the belt was faulty.
  • The whole sequence of Bugs giving Taz a baby that turns out to be a bomb, as well as Bugs getting an exploding cigar from Taz, was removed.

Dr. Jerkyl's Hide (1954)

  • The scene where Chester spits at Alfie's feet, smacks him in the face, and angrily growls "You're yellow!" to him was cut.

Duck! Rabbit, Duck! (1953)

  • All scenes of Daffy getting shot (audio and visual) are cut completely, making this a very incoherent cartoon.

Each Dawn I Crow (1949)

  • The part where John Rooster places a duck decoy on Elmer's head in hopes of him getting shot cuts off after Elmer walks into the tall grass. The part where John begins blowing a duck call only to be blasted by hunters was gone.
  • The scene where John Rooster sits on the hand grenade disguised as an egg merely cut the explosion, leaving no explanation as to why John was defeathered at the end.

False Hare (1964)

  • The iron maiden scene splices out The Big Bad Wolf showing Bugs how to pose in front of it and his nephew prematurely opening the door, which impales his uncle.

Fast Buck Duck (1963)

  • Daffy drugging the dog's water bowl with sleeping powder was cut, making it look like the dog fell asleep on his own accord.

The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)

  • The entire scene where Foghorn attempts to retrieve the dynamite stick from the Barnyard Dawg's doghouse was spliced out, making it look like that Foghorn merely talked Henery into thinking he's a chicken.

14 Carrot Rabbit (1952)

  • Sam shooting at the elderly prospector and taking his gold was cut. Contrast with ABC, which left that scene in, but cut Bugs getting shot in the rear when he and Sam race to find the mother lode of gold.

Fowl Weather (1953)

  • The hand grenade scene was also edited. Unlike ABC'S edit, this version removes Sylvester fleeing the coop as well. There was a jump from the rooster asking him "Are you sure you're a chicken?" and Sylvester nodding nervously to Hector finding out that Tweety's missing.

Golden Yeggs (1950)

  • The scene after Rocky's gang makes off with Daffy, showing Porky with a broken shovel over his head, matches in his hooves, and money in his hands, was cut, making Porky's fate a mystery (and heavily implying that the mobsters did something worse to him than assault). Contrast with ABC and Nickelodeon, which only edited the part where Daffy gets shot in the head after failing to lay another golden egg for Rocky.

Gonzales' Tamales (1957)

  • The two times Sylvester loses his fur from explosions (a disembodied bullet and a grenade) were cut.

Half-Fare Hare (1956)

  • Bugs getting hanged by his scarf on the boxcar wall by Norton was removed. Unlike ABC, Norton offering to hang the scarf was left in, which made it obvious that something was missing.
  • Ralph shoving Norton's face into the boiling pot, leaving his nose bright red, was cut.

Hare-Breadth Hurry (1963)

  • The scene when Wile E. Coyote fires a rifle at Bugs, but the gun sounds muted, so Wile E. investigates and follows a protracted section of metal pipe attached to the rifle, until he reaches the end of the pipe, at which point the bullet that he fired shoots him in the face was edited to remove the gunfire.
  • The scene where Wile E. is flung into a giant rock clipped out his gun falling down and shooting him in the rear.

Hare-Way to the Stars (1958)

  • Marvin finding the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator in his Instant Martians glass and getting blown up by it was spliced out.

The Hasty Hare (1952)

  • Marvin shooting his laser gun at K-9 was cut.

Hoppy Go Lucky (1952)

  • Sylvester attempting to hit Benny on the head with a mallet, only for it to crumble to dust upon impact and Benny to not feel any pain or react to it was cut.

Knighty Knight Bugs (1958)

  • The scene where Bugs slams a mallet onto Sam as he climbs a rope to the castle was spliced out. There's a jump from Sam climbing up the rope to him already out of his suit sliding down.

The Last Hungry Cat (1961)

  • Sylvester chain smoking and drinking several cups of coffee was cut (compare with ABC's version, which left in the coffee/cigarette scene, but cut Sylvester running into the bathroom and taking pills to help him sleep).

Lighter Than Hare (1960)

  • The scene where Bugs replaces Sam's rocket pack with a stick of dynamite was removed.

Lighthouse Mouse (1955)

  • Much like ABC, the elevator door scene where it shows Sylvester beating up the mouse and Hippety Hopper beating up Sylvester was edited out. Contrast with The WB and Nickelodeon, where the electricity mishandling (Sylvester grabbing the frayed electrical wires on The WB, and the mouse cutting the wires with household scissors on Nickelodeon) and the pill ingesting (The WB only) was cut.

Little Boy Boo (1954)

  • Foghorn getting blown up after shaking the chemicals in Egghead, Jr.'s chemistry set test tube was cut, but not Foghorn shown bandaged up and telling Miss Prissy he doesn't need her love to keep her warm. Compare with ABC, which left in the chemistry set explosion, but cut Egghead, Jr. hitting Foghorn on the head with a bat.

Long-Haired Hare (1949)

CBS hated airing this cartoon due to its excessive violence, but when they did air it, two scenes were cut:

  • The three times that Giovanni beats up Bugs for disrupting him (crushing his banjo and smashing the remnants of it over Bugs' head, Bugs' neck getting slammed inside the harp, and Bugs getting pulled through the tuba, tied to a tree branch, and pulled back so his head would hit the branch) were spliced out.
  • Like ABC, the dynamite pen sequence was cut entirely.

Mother Was a Rooster (1962)

  • The Barnyard Dawg slugging Foghorn when he tells the ostrich to ring the bell was cut.

Mouse Wreckers (1949)

  • The sequence where Hubie and Bertie send Claude flying throughout the house was spliced out. All that one saw was the trap being triggered, followed by a jump to Claude slamming into the trash can lid.
  • For reasons unknown, the very end with Hubie and Bertie toasting cheese over the fireplace was cut, so now the short ends after the mice enter the house.

Mucho Locos (1966)

  • The clip from 1959's "China Jones" was cut to remove the part where Daffy is burnt and de-feathered after The Dragon Lady breathes fire on him.

The Music Mice-Tro (1967)

  • Daffy getting electrocuted after falling into a pool with a lamp was spliced out.

A Mutt in a Rut (1959)

  • Rover attempting to shoot Elmer with his gun, only to miss and kill a grizzly bear instead, was removed (compare with ABC's version, which edited out Rover trying to blow up Elmer with some dynamite and fails, but left in the grizzly bear shooting part)

My Bunny Lies over the Sea (1948)

  • Angus running to pick up a bullet that missed Bugs and claiming "It's been in the family for years!" was cut (though not Angus actually shooting Bugs).

No Parking Hare (1954)

  • Unlike ABC's version (which was more heavily edited), CBS' version cut the scaffolding part to remove the construction worker trying to light a stick of dynamite, Bugs blowing a match, the match lighting the dynamite, and the scaffolding falling apart from the explosion. The CBS edited version now makes it look like the scaffolding fell because of poor construction.

Prince Violent (1961)

  • Like every television print currently circulating, the title of this cartoon was changed to "Prince Varmint".

Putty Tat Trouble (1951)

  • The pipe scene was edited to remove Sylvester firing a rifle through it, to which it passes through the orange cat's body and out his tail. This edit also removes their fight afterwards.

Quackodile Tears (1962)

  • Daffy attempting to get the alligator to take a firecracker instead of the egg, only for the alligator to catch on and place it back under Daffy, was removed.

Rabbit Romeo (1957)

  • After Bugs makes a goldfish kiss Millicent, the part where the fish is placed back in its bowl, where it takes out a gun and kills itself, was cut.

Rabbit's Feat (1960)

  • The scene where Wile E. falls into a boiling cauldron intended for Bugs was cut.

Road to Andalay (1964)

  • Malcolm Falcon ripping some of Sylvester's scalp off was cut.

Robot Rabbit (1953)

  • The infamous "the rabbit kicked the bucket" scene was cut to remove Elmer blasting his gun in the hole, which makes Bugs' fake death scene nonsensical.
  • Like ABC, the robot shooting the mule and Elmer with his laser gun was cut.
  • Bugs and the robot running under a pile driver at a construction site was cut, but not the part after where Elmer wonders what happened to his robot and Bugs comes back with a bucket of scrap metal.

Satan's Waitin' (1954)

  • During the roller coaster scene, Sylvester slamming into a sign was spliced out.
  • The end scene where Sylvester loses his final life thanks to some bumbling gangsters blowing up the bank vault was removed, so now the short abruptly ends as the devil dog urges Sylvester to eat Tweety and Sylvester runs screaming, "No, no, no, I don't want him! I DON'T WANT HIM!"

A Sheep in the Deep (1962)

  • The shot of Ralph and Sam smoking during their break was cut. Compare with ABC's version, where the entire cliff dangling part, which included the lunch break and smoke break, was cut.

The Slick Chick (1962)

  • Like ABC, the Red Skelton chick placing a landmine on the ground for Foghorn to fall on was cut, but not the off-screen explosion.

Snow Business (1953)

  • The mouse sticking Sylvester's tail into a toaster was spliced out.

Snow Excuse (1966)

  • Daffy shooting at Speedy through a rain gutter, but getting hit by the bullets from the other end was cut.
  • Daffy getting blown up by a tiny firecracker was cut.
  • Speedy accidentally sending a giant snowball down the hill, causing it to crash into Daffy's cabin, was removed.

The Spy Swatter (1967)

  • Daffy getting shocked by a fallen powerline was spliced out.
  • The mouse-seeking missile detonating in the superior boss's office was cut.

Strangled Eggs (1961)

  • The sequence where Foghorn attempts to get Henery to sit on a grenade disguised as an egg was cut.

A Taste of Catnip (1966)

  • Daffy being beaten by cats for bombing the catnip factory was removed.

Terrier Stricken (1952)

  • The very end where Claude slams into an empty swimming pool was cut. It now ends abruptly as Claude is launched into the air and shrugs.

Touché and Go (1957)

  • The street painter kicking the dog down the road was spliced out.

Tweet and Sour (1956)

  • The orange cat slamming Sylvester into the ground multiple times was cut.

Tweety's S.O.S. (1951)

  • Tweety plucking Sylvester's fingers off the wire was cut.

Two's a Crowd (1950)

  • Claude being forced into the washing machine and coming out as a wet ball of fluff was removed.

What's Up Doc? (1950)

  • The antifreeze gag was kept in, but Bugs hitting Elmer with a mallet, then getting Elmer's gun down his throat, was spliced out.

Which is Witch? (1949)

  • The entire scene with Bugs getting in the pressure cooker (and freaking out that he's going to be boiled alive) was cut.

The Windblown Hare (1949)

  • Bugs poking the wolf in the eyes was spliced out.

You Were Never Duckier (1948)

  • Henery slamming the door on Daffy was cut out.
  • Henery accidentally slamming a mallet onto George's head was spliced out, but not the aftermath.

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