The Bugs Bunny Show Episode 12 is an episode of The Bugs Bunny Show, originally aired on December 27, 1960.


George P. Dog is the host of the show, but Foghorn Leghorn thinks he'd make a better host and pushes George aside. Henery Hawk enters the studio, and is hungry for some chicken! Foghorn takes care of the rascal by using a magic hat. Foghorn then relaxes as he presents three short subjects to the audience for their enjoyment.

Cartoons Featured


Banana Peel Send-Off

ANNOUNCER: "And now, that Oscar-winning rabbit, Bugs Bunny." BUGS: (pointing cane to stage right): "And co-starring George P. Dog, who will act as master of ceremonies." BARNYARD DOG: "Thanks, Mr. Bunny. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we have a real Jim-dandy programme for yous. So, without further adieu--" FOGHORN: (walking into camera shot and eating a banana): "A-doo-dah. A-doo-dah. Lum-dum-dum da-da-dee dum-dum. Oh-de-doo-dah-day." BARNYARD DOG: (whispering): "You're lousing up my act." FOGHORN: (dropping banana peel onto stage floor): "But Ah insist on giving you a big send-off. (places dog atop banana peel and pushes him off stage via the slippery peel) That dawg's goin' to make his mark on the world. He's got to! He can't write."

Foghorn's Magic Trick

(Henery Hawk enters Bugs Bunny Show studio through rear exit door and by hopping ascends three stair steps) HENERY: (sniffing): "I smell chicken. I'm a chicken hawk, and I gotta have chicken." (continues sniffing while walking to camera's left) FOGHORN: (standing on stage): "With a little encouragement, Ah could be persuaded to sing a song. Heh-heh. Southern style, of course. (Foghorn discovers that he is moving not of his own volition and looks downward to see Henery pulling his foot) Hey, boy, what you trying to prove?" HENERY: (pointing at Foghorn): "You're a chicken, and I'm a chicken hawk. (grabs the bowing Foghorn's wattle) Are you coming quietly, or do I have to muss you up?" FOGHORN: (breaks Henery's grip and carries the chicken hawk in hand): "Oh, come now, boy. You've been reading too many dime novels. (drops Henery inside of a top hat atop a stage table adorned with an afghan bearing the name of the Great Houdini, rotates a wand above the hat, and tips hat with taps of the wand to show that Henery has disappeared) Now, that's what Ah call a real gone kid! Ah think Ah'll take advantage of this peace and quiet to watch an interview (adjusts a knob to activate a large television set) with Bugs Bunny." (camera pulls into television screen)

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