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The Case of Porky's Pants is a 2021 Looney Tunes Cartoons short directed by Kenny Pittenger.


In Porky's Looneyville abode, Daffy Duck has decided to mooch for a while and is busy eating a bowl of cereal whilst watching a specific episode of his favourite detective show where two of its characters, Harry and Skip, give each other gifts on Christmas day. His excitement from watching the episode accidentally causes the television set to land straight on top of his head, knocking him out and into a fantasy where he takes on the role of Detective Duck, Private Eye, minding his own business when a distressed Porky Pig walks into his office to report that somebody stole his trousers. Detective Duck agrees to take the case after commenting on Porky's legs, starting off the investigation by interrogating the pig about his personal details and the last time he ever saw his trousers. Porky responds by showing him a ransom note from the pant perp that he received in his mailbox requesting $10,000 to be delivered at the corner between Button Street and Zipper Street or else, but not before accidentally showing a love letter from his girlfriend Petunia to Detective Duck, who obviously realises that the amount of money requested is inside Porky himself. He then proceeds to grab Porky to use him as a piggy bank, gently breaking him from the outside and storing his college money in a suitcase while laughing at the very concept of it, much to Porky's animosity.

Detective Duck then uses the suitcase as fishing bait in order to capture the pant perp, but when the bait is taken, he and Porky discover their anticipation was all for naught as they manage to reel in a catfish which Detective Duck plans to have for dinner before Porky keeps him back on track and reminds him that the crook is escaping, having switched the suitcase with the catfish. Detective Duck proceeds to drop Porky down a manhole in which he gets stuck, so he plummets after him to use a mallet to send him straight into the sewers just when it looks like he is about to jump on him. When Detective Duck enters, he realises that what he just did has caused Porky's demise as the pig himself accepts his fate and meets his end. He then vows to never leave Porky's side before sighting the pant perp and giving chase after it, discovering that the perp is actually Porky's Pants itself when it trips him over. Despite this, he catches the pants climbing down a ladder, across the sewer sidewalks, sliding down the gutter and while he hides behind a STOP sign, culminating in Detective Duck seemingly catching the pants before it whistles its friends for help:

  • The Lethal Lederhosen
  • Billy Bootcut
  • Khako Shorts Killer
  • The Skinny Jeans Skinner

The five of them engage in a brawl with Detective Duck which eventually results in them gaining the upper hand. Warping back to reality, Daffy is visited by Porky himself, who questions the idea of him wearing pants due to never having worn them. Confused, Daffy questions the ownership of the pants, to which it solemnly shrugs, revealing it might actually be sentient.





  • Daffy's detective outfit in the short is almost exactly the same as the one from "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery". However, his hat and gloves are both colored brown and beige instead of blue and white respectively in this short.