The Cloak of Black Velvet is the third episode of Loonatics Unleashed. It first aired on October 1, 2005.


A series of attacks on Acmetropolis is being perpetrated by felons who work in shadows. Zadavia dispatches the Loonatics and find the culprit is Black Velvet, a woman who was forced to live in darkness after her eyesight was nearly obliterated by the shockwave unleashed by the impact of a meteor. She steals the planet's Doppler weather radar system dish to create a device to shroud the entire planet in a permanent darkness. Along with this, Tech is kidnapped by Black Velvet to help her complete her task. The remaining Loonatics must rescue their teammate and stop Black Velvet. Tech and Danger Duck made a bet to see if Danger Duck can go one day without using technology until Danger Duck uses his phone to snap out of Tech when Black Velvet brainwashed Tech. Later, Tech won the bet and got the superhero cape which Zadavia likes while Danger Duck gets upset.

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