Golden Age LT Vol 1

Laserdisc Cover (Volume 1)

The Golden Age of Looney Tunes is a collection of laser discs released by MGM in the early 1990s. There were five sets made, featuring a number of discs (ten discs in Volumes 1 to 4, eight discs in Volume 5), and each disc side represented a different theme, being made up of seven cartoons per side. The first collection was also released on VHS, with each volume representing one disc side. Like many other Looney Tunes home video releases by MGM, this set uses faded 16mm a.a.p. TV prints, except Volume 5, as MGM/UA and Turner had no access to the original negatives, which were being stored at the Warner Bros. Studios.

With the exception of the Censored Eleven and, in the case of later printings, "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips", every Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies short in the Turner library was released in this collection either as LaserDisc a.a.p. print or USA 1995 dubbed versions of which Volume 5, the majority consists.

All the cartoons were released before the Time Warner/Turner merger and before the Golden Collection DVDs came out, so none of them had restored elements of original titles.



All the VHS tapes were released around 1992, some time after the LaserDisc set came out.

Cover Title Shorts
The golden age of looney tunes vhs 1
Vol. 1: 1930's Musicals
The golden age of looney tunes vhs 2
Vol. 2: Firsts

Note: One featured cartoon, Daffy Duck and Egghead, technically, was the first Daffy Duck cartoon in color, and the first where the character actually has that name. This was used because Turner did not own the rights to Porky's Duck Hunt.

The golden age of looney tunes vhs 3
Vol. 3: Tex Avery
The golden age of looney tunes vhs 4
Vol. 4: Bob Clampett
The golden age of looney tunes vhs 5
Vol. 5: Chuck Jones
The golden age of looney tunes vhs 6
Vol. 6: Friz Freleng
The golden age of looney tunes vhs 7
Vol. 7: Bugs Bunny By Each Director

Note: This video was recalled due to pressure from a Japanese group because the tape contained "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips". The 5-tape VHS boxed set was also recalled for the same reason.

The golden age of looney tunes vhs 8
Vol. 8: 1940's Zanies
The golden age of looney tunes vhs 9
Vol. 9: Hooray for Hollywood
The golden age of looney tunes vhs 10
Vol. 10: The Art of Bugs
The golden age of looney tunes vhs boxset
VHS Boxed Set

Note: This boxed set was recalled.

  • Vol. 1: 1930s Musicals / Firsts
  • Vol. 2: Tex Avery / Bob Clampett
  • Vol. 3: Chuck Jones / Friz Freleng
  • Vol. 4: Bugs Bunny By Each Director / 1940s Zanies
  • Vol. 5: Hooray For Hollywood / The Art of Bugs</tr>


Volume 1

Golden Age LT Vol 1
This set was released on December 11, 1991.


Side 1: 1930s Musicals Side 2: Firsts Side 3: Tex Avery
"Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!"
"Shuffle Off to Buffalo"
"Page Miss Glory"
"I Love to Singa"
"Have You Got Any Castles"
"Speaking of the Weather"
"Katnip Kollege"
"A Wild Hare"
"Daffy Duck & Egghead"
"Odor-able Kitty"
"A Tale of Two Kitties"
"I Haven't Got a Hat"
"Life with Feathers"
"Walky Talky Hawky"
"Cinderella Meets Fella"
"Hamateur Night"
"Thugs with Dirty Mugs"
"Cross Country Detours"
"Dangerous Dan McFoo"
"The Bear's Tale"
"The Crackpot Quail"
Side 4: Bob Clampett Side 5: Chuck Jones Side 6: Friz Freleng
"Wabbit Twouble"
"Horton Hatches the Egg"
"The Hep Cat"
"A Corny Concerto"
"Kitty Kornered"
"The Great Piggy Bank Robbery"
"The Big Snooze"
"The Night Watchman"
"Old Glory"
"Sniffles Takes a Trip"
"The Dover Boys"
"My Favorite Duck"
"The Aristo-cat"
"Inki at the Circus"
"Rhapsody in Rivets"
"Pigs in a Polka"
"Little Red Riding Rabbit"
"Duck Soup to Nuts"
"Hare Trigger"
"Back Alley Oproar"
"Tweetie Pie"
Side 7: Bugs Bunny by Each Director Side 8: 1940s Zanies Side 9: Hooray for Hollywood
"The Heckling Hare"
"Hare Tonic"
"Hare Ribbin'"
"Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips"
"A Hare Grows in Manhattan"
"The Unruly Hare"
"Gorilla My Dreams"
"Nasty Quacks"
"Hair-Raising Hare"
"The Bashful Buzzard"
"Daffy Doodles"
"Little Orphan Airedale"
"Baby Bottleneck"
"Book Revue"
"The CooCoo Nut Grove"
"Daffy Duck in Hollywood"
"Hollywood Steps Out"
"What's Cookin' Doc?"
"Hollywood Daffy"
"Swooner Crooner"
"Slick Hare"
Side 10: The Art of Bugs
"Tortoise Beats Hare"
"Tortoise Wins by a Hare"
"Rabbit Transit"
"Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid"
"The Old Grey Hare"
"Bugs Bunny Rides Again"
"Haredevil Hare"

Volume 2

This set was released on July 1, 1992.
Side 1: Musical Madness Side 2: Early Wabbits Side 3: Frank Tashlin
"You Don't Know What You're Doin'!"
"Goopy Geer"
"Three's a Crowd"
"We're in the Money"
"Honeymoon Hotel"
"The Lady in Red"
"The Penguin Parade"
"Prest-O Change-O"
"Hare-um Scare-um"
"Elmer's Candid Camera"
"Elmer's Pet Rabbit"
"Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt"
"Hold the Lion, Please"
"Fresh Hare"
"The Major Lied 'Til Dawn"
"Cracked Ice"
"Brother Brat"
"Plane Daffy"
"Tale of Two Mice"
"Behind the Meat-Ball"
"Hare Remover"
Side 4: Chuck Jones Side 5: Bob Clampett Side 6: McKimson & Davis
"The Little Lion Hunter"
"The Draft Horse"
"Flop Goes the Weasel"
"Lost and Foundling"
"Fair and Worm-er"
"What's Brewin', Bruin?"
"Rabbit Punch"
"Goofy Groceries"
"The Wacky Wabbit"
"Buckaroo Bugs"
"An Itch in Time"
"A Gruesome Twosome"
"Draftee Daffy"
"Bacall to Arms"
"Acrobatty Bunny"
"Hollywood Canine Canteen"
"The Mouse-Merized Cat"
"One Meat Brawl"
"Mexican Joyride"
"Mouse Menace"
"Catch as Cats Can"
Side 7: Fables & Fairy Tales Side 8: The Art of Daffy Side 9: Best Supporting Players
"Beauty and the Beast"
"Little Red Walking Hood"
"A-Lad-In Bagdad"
"Robin Hood Makes Good"
"Tom Thumb in Trouble"
"A Gander at Mother Goose"
"Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk"
"Yankee Doodle Daffy"
"The Wise Quacking Duck"
"Daffy - The Commando"
"The Stupid Cupid"
"The Birth of a Notion"
"To Duck or Not to Duck"
"What Makes Daffy Duck?"
"The Hardship of Miles Standish"
"Hop, Look and Listen"
"Roughly Squeaking"
"The Goofy Gophers"
"Scent-imental over You"
"Crowing Pains"
"Of Fox and Hounds"
Side 10: Variations on a Theme
"Tick Tock Tuckered"
"Good Night Elmer"
"Bedtime for Sniffles"
"A Pest in the House"
"Trap Happy Porky"
"The Unbearable Bear"
"Daffy Duck Slept Here"

Volume 3

This set was released on December 23, 1992.
Side 1: Harman-Ising Side 2: Bugs Bunny Side 3: Chuck Jones
"One More Time"
"Red-Headed Baby"
"Pagen Moon"
"A Great Big Bunch of You"
"The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives"
"One Step Ahead of My Shadow"
"The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon"
"Wackiki Wabbit"
"Hare Force"
"Herr Meets Hare"
"Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears"
"Stage Door Cartoon"
"Easter Yeggs"
"The Squawkin' Hawk"
"Inki and the Minah Bird"
"From Hand to Mouse"
"Fin N' Catty"
"Fresh Airedale"
"The Eager Beaver"
"House-Hunting Mice"
Side 4: Friz Freleng Side 5: Early Avery Side 6: Tashlin/Clampett
"Pigs is Pigs"
"The Cat's Tale"
"Lights Fantastic"
"Ding Dog Daddy"
"The Wacky Worm"
"Peck Up Your Troubles"
"Racketeer Rabbit"
"I Wanna Be a Sailor"
"Circus Today"
"Aviation Vacation"
"Aloha Hooey"
"Holiday Highlights"
"Crazy Cruise"
"The Cagey Canary"
"Little Pancho Vanilla"
"Booby Hatched"
"I Got Plenty of Mutton"
"Farm Frolics"
"Falling Hare"
"Birdy and the Beast"
"Russian Rhapsody"
Side 7: Sports Side 8: The Evolution of Egghead Side 9: Porky and Daffy
"Freddy the Freshman"
"Boulevardier from the Bronx"
"Along Flirtation Walk"
"Sport Chumpions"
"Greetings Bait"
"Screwball Football"
"Baseball Bugs"
"Egghead Rides Again"
"Count Me Out"
"Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas"
"A Day at the Zoo"
"Believe It or Else"
"A Feud There Was"
"Confederate Honey"
"Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur"
"Slightly Daffy"
"Ain't That Ducky"
"Wagon Heels"
"Along Came Daffy"
"Nothing but the Tooth"
"The Up-Standing Sitter"
Side 10: Politically Incorrect
"Wake Up the Gypsy in Me"
"He Was Her Man"
"Sioux Me"
"The Mighty Hunters"
"A Feather in His Hare"
"The Early Worm Gets the Bird"
"Inki and the Lion"

Volume 4

The Golden Age of Looney Tunes Vol. 4
This set was released on July 14, 1993.


  • The 1940 release version of "A Wild Hare" included on Side 1 of the release had recreated title cards and the original "Carole Lombard" line restored, but had the wrong opening music; uses the 1941-45 opening theme instead of the correct 1939-40 opening theme. The opening from A Gander at Mother Goose was hacked onto the opening title as evident from the WB shield when later restorations in 2008 came out.
  • "Bars and Stripes Forever" remains unrestored, with a hacked off opening, which would later be restored for the cartoon's dubbed version.
Side 1: Bugs Bunny Side 2: Early Chuck Jones Side 3: Friz Freleng
"The Wabbit Who Came to Supper"
"The Hare-Brained Hypnotist"
"Case of the Missing Hare"
"Hare Conditioned"
"Buccaneer Bunny"
"Rhapsody Rabbit"
"Any Bonds Today?"
"A Wild Hare"
"The Good Egg"
"Ghost Wanted"
"Snow Time For Comedy"
"The Bird Came C.O.D."
"Dog Tired"
"Fox Pop"
"The Weakly Reporter"
"The Trial of Mr. Wolf"
"Double Chaser"
"The Sheepish Wolf"
"Hiss and Make Up"
"Holiday for Shoestrings"
"The Gay Anties"
"Of Thee I Sting"
Side 4: Cartoon All-Stars Side 5: Radio Daze Side 6: Frantic Forties
"Tom Turk and Daffy"
"I Taw a Putty Tat"
"Two Gophers from Texas"
"Conrad the Sailor"
"Doggone Cats"
"A Horse Fly Fleas"
"Hobo Bobo"
"Crosby, Columbo and Vallee"
"The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos"
"Let It Be Me"
"Little Blabbermouse"
"Malibu Beach Party"
"Quentin Quail"
"Hush My Mouse"
"Hop, Skip and a Chump"
"A Hick a Slick and a Chick"
"Meatless Flyday"
"The Foxy Duckling"
"Bone Sweet Bone"
"The Rattled Rooster"
"The Shell Shocked Egg"
Side 7: Wacky Blackouts Side 8: Ben Hardaway & Cal Dalton (and Private Snafu) Side 9: Sniffles
"Land of the Midnight Fun"
"Wacky Wildlife"
"Ceiling Hero"
"Fresh Fish"
"Saddle Silly"
"Foney Fables"
"The Bug Parade"
"Love and Curses"
"Gold Rush Daze"
"Bars and Stripes Forever"
"Hobo Gadget Band"
"Fagin's Freshman"
"Busy Bakers"
"Naughty but Mice"
"Little Brother Rat"
"Sniffles and the Bookworm"
"The Egg Collector"
"Sniffles Bells the Cat"
"Toy Trouble"
"The Brave Little Bat"
Side 10: Merrie Melodies
"The Queen Was in the Parlor"
"I Love a Parade"
"The Organ Grinder"
"Billboard Frolics"
"Flowers for Madame"
"September in the Rain"
"You're an Education"

Volume 5

This set was released on April 2, 1997.


  • Due to the late release, 1997, and merger of Turner and Time Warner, most of the shorts on this volume are USA 1995 Turner dubbed versions. Due to these releases, some original ending or BR endings have been out of circulation since 1997. However, some have their original ending or Blue Ribbon ending title cards restored to DVD or some have been found in their Associated Artists Productions prints through TV or DVD/VHS recordings and releases. The only two cartoons on this set to be released as Associated Artists Productions unrestored prints are "The Merry Old Soul" and "Country Mouse".
  • All of the cartoons on Side 1 are USA 1995 Turner prints, despite most being in the public domain in the United States. Although their original prints do exist, unlike the 1936-41 cartoons that were released into this volume, the cartoons featured on this side had their original ending cards kept, only in a smaller screen in the end, for their USA 1995 Turner dubbed prints.
  • All of the cartoons on Sides 2-7 are USA 1995 Turner prints.
  • On Side 4, "The Merry Old Soul" and "Country Mouse" use the Associated Artists Productions prints.
  • "Dog Gone Modern" and "The Curious Puppy" use the 1941-55 MWRA ending music cue.
  • "She Was an Acrobat's Daughter" and "Rookie Revue"'s original endings would later be restored on DVD.
  • "The Fifth-Column Mouse"'s original BR ending would later be restored on DVD.
  • "My Little Buckaroo" uses the 1938-41 ending cue.
  • "The Fighting 69½th" is the same version released on the 6th Volume of the Golden Collection.
Side 1: Black and White Classics Side 2: Early Avery Side 3: Freleng Follies
"It's Got Me Again!"
"Moonlight For Two"
"A Great Big Bunch of You"
"You're Too Careless with Your Kisses!"
"I Wish I Had Wings"
"Young and Healthy"
"I Like Mountain Music"
"Don't Look Now"
"I Only Have Eyes for You"
"Ain't We Got Fun"
"A Sunbonnet Blue"
"The Sneezing Weasel"
"The Mice Will Play"
"Detouring America"
"She Was an Acrobat's Daughter"
"Sweet Sioux"
"The Lyin' Mouse"
"My Little Buckaroo"
"The Fighting 69½th"
"Rookie Revue"
"The Fifth-Column Mouse"
Side 4: Musical Madness Side 5: Pesky Pets Side 6: Objects D'art
"The Merry Old Soul"
"Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name"
"Into Your Dance"
"The Country Mouse"
"Bingo Crosbyana"
"The Fella with the Fiddle"
"Now That Summer Is Gone"
"The Cat Came Back"
"Country Boy"
"Dog Daze"
"Dog Gone Modern"
"The Curious Puppy"
"Stage Fright"
"Snowman's Land"
"Those Beautiful Dames"
"Little Dutch Plate"
"I'd Love to Take Orders from You"
"Toy Town Hall"
"My Green Fedora"
"Streamlined Greta Green"
"Shop, Look and Listen"
Side 7: Animal Antics Side 8: Supplement Material
"Pop Goes Your Heart"
"I Wanna Play House"
"I'm a Big Shot Now"
"When I Yoo Hoo"
"At Your Service Madame"
"A Star is Hatched"
"Plenty of Money and You"
"Hare Ribbin'" (Director's Cut)
"The Return of Mr. Hook"
"The Good Egg"
"Tokyo Woes"
Two Guys from Texas (Excerpt)
My Dream Is Yours (Excerpt)
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