The Infantry Blues
The Infantry Blues
Directed By: Chuck Jones[1]
Produced By: Leon Schlesinger
Dr. Seuss
Released: September 1943 (Army-Navy Screen Magazine issue 11)[1]
Series: Private Snafu
Animation: Robert Cannon
Ken Harris
Phil Monroe
Ben Washam
Film Editor: Treg Brown
Voiced By: Mel Blanc
Music: Carl Stalling
Starring: Private Snafu
Preceded By: The Goldbrick
Succeeded By: Fighting Tools
Private Snafu - E5 "The Infantry Blues"

Private Snafu - E5 "The Infantry Blues"

The Infantry Blues is a 1943 Private Snafu short directed by Chuck Jones.


Snafu complains about being a "dogface" in the infantry. Once he notices a restroom 18,000 miles away, he wishes that he had joined the Tank Corps, because "they do their fighting on a nice, soft seat." Technical Fairy appears and promotes him to member in the Tank Corps. Snafu happily rides a tank across bumpy terrain, but finds that he has a hard time controlling it and eventually almost falls off a cliff. Hanging from the main gun of the tank, he wishes that he had joined the Navy. The Technical Fairy appears and teleports him to the Navy. Snafu rides a boat through choppy waters until he runs into a wave and comes out riding on two fish. Coughing up water, he says "Give me air!" Technical Fairy teleports him to an airplane in the Air Force. He flies a plane until he runs into a mountain, leaving him in only a cockpit. When Snafu comes to, he finds that he is back in the Infantry. Technical Fairy and Snafu march away, singing to the tune of "Hinky Dinky Parlez Vou" that all the services are tough and any "soldier or gob" should "finish the job."


  • (2010) Blu-ray, DVD - Private Snafu: Golden Classics (Thunderbean Animation)


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