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The Jet Cage is a 1962 Looney Tunes short directed by Friz Freleng.


Tweety sits in his house, a bird cage, looking at the birds through the window. Tweety yearns dearly to fly freely like other birds, but Granny will not allow him to do so. This is considering his safety, as Sylvester is always lurking around waiting for a chance to catch and eat Tweety.

Granny reads a newspaper advertisement by Jet Age Technology for a $12.95 Flying Bird-Cage, which would allow birds fly safely. Granny, who understands Tweety's longing for freedom, buys the cage and presents it to Tweety. This enables Tweety to fly around outdoors without leaving the security of his cage.

Sylvester is at first taken aback at the sight of Tweety flying safely, piloting the jet-powered cage like an airplane. Two crows also watch in awe. "And all this time, I've been doing it the hard way," one crow remarks. Sylvester resolves to ground Tweety's cage and get his round-headed meal; his eyes rolling around to follow his every move.

Each of the following attempts are in vain:

  • An attempt to snare the cage with a butterfly net. The jet-powered cage is strong enough to drag the butterfly net, along with the cat hanging to it — until he crashes into a light pole.
  • After Tweety comes in for flying instructions, "I forgot what to do in case of fog," Sylvester sneaks inside the cage. Once the cage is back in the air, Tweety activates the hatch, which sends Sylvester, all set to strike, down into a brook.
  • Use of a rocket bomb to intercept the flying object of interest. The bomb simply flies back at the cat.
  • A horseshoe-shaped magnet tied to a fishing rod. While the cage momentarily struggles against the magnet's pull, and the puddy tat tries to reel in his meal, Tweety manages to get the cage to break free. Sylvester is dragged into downtown traffic and ultimately an oncoming bus.
  • Sylvester using large flaps to fly beside Tweety. Sylvester gloats, mocking the bird for thinking he outsmarted him, but Tweety points out that Sylvester has his hands full. The cat tosses the flaps aside and shoots back, "Oh, yeah? Well now I haven't!" ... just before he realizes he's in for another big fall! Meanwhile, the flaps flutter downward.

Sylvester, limping on crutches and wrapped in bandages, decides to joins the U.S. Air Force, vowing to earn his wings and resentfully threatening to get Tweety once and for all.




  • The ABC version of this cartoon cuts the sequence where Sylvester builds a Nike rocket to capture Tweety, which predictably backfires.[1]


  • Milt Franklyn died of a heart attack while composing the cartoon's score. William Lava finished the score, starting with the scene when Sylvester tries to catch Tweety with a butterfly net. He is not credited in this cartoon, but the difference in music is obvious.[citation needed] (November 2017)
  • When the shot of Sylvester's face, where his pupils are circling to observe Tweety, fades out, the music composition changes from Franklyn to Lava.
  • Sylvester does not have a speaking role until the scene with the flaps.
  • This is the last cartoon of the 1960s where Sylvester doesn't have the white tip on his tail, which had been missing since "Mouse and Garden". In his next appearance, in "Mexican Cat Dance" with Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester's tail has the white tip again.


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