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The Lady in Red is a 1935 Merrie Melodies short directed by I. Freleng.


A Mexican cafe closes for the bullfights. Inside the cafe, a population of cockroaches comes out, traveling through traffic and ferry cups. The cockroaches enjoy eating desserts and playing sports, such as bowling with an olive and tennis with a pea. During the tennis match, a cockroach beats his rival by using a spoon to catapult the pea to a teapot to bop his opponent on the head.

A cockroach who is rowing a teacup boat sings as he heads to the nightclub. As the nightclub members continue to drunkenly sing, the lady in the nightclub wearing a red dress prepares in the dressing room to perform for the patrons. However, the store parrot wakes and caws ferociously. Eventually, its cage door opens, and it starts to terrorize the cockroaches. The parrot first attacks two bystanding cockroaches and captures them in a coffee machine. Next, the parrot heads for the nightclub and kidnaps the lady cockroach. A patron inside the nightclub that was swooned earlier by the lady runs after the parrot. As the parrot is about to eat the lady, the patron starts up a stove, lighting the parrot's tail on fire and causing it to haphazardly fly around the cafe. The lady calls the patron a hero, while the parrot flies around outside, leaving a smoky trail reading "The End".




  • As with many of the early Merrie Melodies cartoons, part of its purpose was to promote a Warner song, in this case the 1935 song from the Warner film In Caliente (also known as Viva Señorita). The song would later become a staple of Carl Stalling's catalog when he took over music direction of the Warner cartoons in 1936.