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The Lyin' Mouse is a 1937 Merrie Melodies short directed by Friz Freleng.


A mouse is trying to free himself from a trap when a cat arrives. The mouse, desperate to avoid being eaten, asks if the cat has heard the story of "The Lion and the Mouse". He tells a story about a ferocious lion in the jungle who scares all the animals; the mouse has a horn that imitates the lion's roar, and has some fun with it until the lion catches him. The mouse pleads for his life, and the lion, distracted by a bigger catch, agrees. The bigger catch is a trap set by the Frank Cluck expedition; the lion avoids the first trap, but falls for the second, and find himself in a circus lion-taming act, where he put his head inside the tamer's mouth. The mouse happens by, and chews a lion-shaped hole in the lion's wooden cart/cage, setting him free. The cat, moved by this story, releases the mouse. Just before entering his hole, the mouse yells one last word at the cat: "Sucker!" The cat then shrugs and says, "Well, can you imagine that."




  • The EU dubbed print uses the 1941-55 MM ending cue, while the USA dubbed print retains the original end cue.
  • A quotation is missing in the Blue Ribbon reissue title of this cartoon.


  • This is the first cartoon to give story credit, here to Tedd Pierce. Unfortunately, the Blue Ribbon reissue removes the original titles, and thus the credit.
  • This is also the last Merrie Melodies short to have the 1936-37 blue Color Rings and the original Merrie Melodies logo in the opening titles.
  • The original BR closing is available through an a.a.p. print on CN Latin America and on HBO Max.[2]
  • The ostrich from "Plenty of Money and You" makes a cameo appearance, when the animals run away from the mouse's lion noise. Coincidentally, both shorts with that ostrich were directed by Friz Freleng.
  • As shown on a model sheet, the working title of the short was "The Lion and the Mouse."