The Matwix Title Card

Title Card

The Matwix is a Looney Tunes Webtoons cartoon released in September 2001.


Elmer Fudd, while playing an 8-bit looking game, gets a call from Bugs Bunny (pretending to be Morpheus from The Matrix). After the phone call, Elmer gets up and finds Bugs Bunny in his home. After their first encounter, the viewer is given a choice between a red donut and a blue donut (no matter what donut you choose first, it'll send Elmer to New Jersey and then to "the real world"). Once in "the real world", Bugs tells Elmer that the world is controlled by evil gadgets and their salesmen are always after them. Elmer, however, has the power to stop them, but first he must find the correct door (Number 1 contains a soda machine, Number 2 contains Bugs Bunny bathing, and Number 3 contains the salesman). Once inside Door 3, the salesman entices Elmer to buy all their products, thus letting down mankind. Elmer is dropped down through a trap door and falls right past Bugs Bunny, who is in an armchair, reading the newspaper. Elmer then wakes up, thinking it was all a dream, but the screen moves out and the viewer finds out the adventure wasn't really a dream after all.



  • Elmer: "Oooh, that wascally wabbit!"
  • Elmer: "There's been a terrible mistake. I want to go home."
  • Bugs: "Look, doc. You can turn things around. You're the chosen one! But, first you must walk the path."


  • The entire webtoon parodies The Matrix, a 1999 film.


The Matwix

The Matwix


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