The Peasant Boy's Parents are a pair of one-time characters in Tiny Toon Adventures. They appear in the A Cat's Eye View segment Homeward Bound.


As their names say all it, the Peasant Man and his wife are shown to be a poor homeless couple evicted from their house. They are the Peasant Boy's parents. The Homeless Father is a tall man with black hair and moustache, who wears an grey hat, yellow blouse, dark brown coat, blue pants with an red patch on them and black shoes. His wife is an middle woman with grey-black hair, who wears an light purple hat white blouse, blue coat and green boots.


After Furrball is kicked out from the home by the millionaire, the homeless couple and their son light a fire on the garbage can. They don't think that their son looks into the window and observes the rich couple giving a home-cooked dinner to their daughter. After the millionaire pulls down the window shade, the Peasants' son sits down on the end of a sidewalk and starts crying, but smiles again after Furrball gives him a half-eaten can of the fish.

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