The Rich Girl's Parents are a pair of one-time characters in Tiny Toon Adventures. They appear in the A Cat's Eye View segment Homeward Bound.


The millionaire and his wife are the rich girl's mother and father. The Millionaire is a tall man with short black hair, who wears a white blouse, a black tie, a light brown coat, dark brown jeans and brown shoes but at the end of the cartoon he also wears a light blue sweater. His wife is an middle woman with brown hair, who wears a blue coat with light pink chute and black shoes, but at the end she also wears a light pink blouse with a brooch on it and long dark brown skirt. Their faces are never shown.


The millionaire and his wife first appear when Furrball looks into the window of their home and sees their daughter rubbing the small kitten before they leave to go for a walk with her. Whey they return, their daughter notices Furrball and wants to keep him. The Rich Mother thinks that the blue cat has fleas and asks her husband to kick him out. When the daughter tries to convince her father to let her keep him, he refuses and kick him out from his apartment. Later, he and his wife give home-cooked dinner for their daughter. At the end of the cartoon, when the millionaire sees the Peasants' son looking into of his house and waving to his daughter, he pulls down the window shade what makes his daughter sorry.



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