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The Taming of the Screwball is the sixth webisode of the Mysterious Phenomena of the Unexplained series of Webtoons cartoons.


Daffy Duck recalls how he started to believe in mystery phenomena after seeing a ghost. His story takes place in a theater, where Daffy and Porky were organizing a production of "Shakespeare's Greatest". Being who he is, Daffy planned on having the play close on opening night in order for him and Porky to keep all the money that the investors think the pair had spent on the show. Needing a disgustingly bad actor to pull this scam off, they give their janitor, the Tasmanian Devil, the lead role.

As expected, Taz ends up messing up his lines, with his Yorick skull prop complaining about the performance and assuming that Shakespeare must be turning over in his grave. In his coffin, Shakespeare's ghost was indeed turning over because of the bad performance of Taz and, unable to tolerate this, decides to deal with it himself. He arrives at the theater just as the audience start pelting Taz with food, and casts a spell on him to make him speak 'wellith'. Taz's performance is transformed, and the audience is enjoying it. Daffy, seeing Shakespeare, undoes the magic spell, leading to a brief duel between the playwright and the duck. Fed up, Shakespeare casts a spell on Daffy that transforms him into a female performer, and the audience cheers Daffy's performance.



  • The Daffy in the intro was reused from "Fowl Play".
  • Shakespeare's clock is later shown in "Loch Ness Mess".
  • The skull is later shown in "Sports Blab Part 2".
  • The original Webtoon had a segment in which the viewer could click on Daffy and Shakespeare to change Taz. Taz would say at the start of this segment, "Um, line please. Anybody?"
  • The premise of the webtoon is similar to the plot of Mel Brooks' The Producers and its later adaptations, the major difference here being the substitution of the Nazi imagery with Shakespearean themes.




6 The Taming of the Screwball